DavisNOW Community Meeting Feb 13th, 6:00pm

DavisNOW, a community group, committed to the repair of Davis Square, is holding a community meeting, this Wednesday February 13th. The venue is the Dilboy Post at 371 Summer St, Davis Square at 6.00pm

The city has agreed to repairs of sidewalks, crosswalks, tress wells, kerbs, street lights and the posts and poles. These are all vital safety issues in need of immediate remediation.

City councilors and staff have been invited to attend and we expect confirmation of start dates in the spring on these problems. DavisNOW provided the city with a photographic inventory of all the problems as well as a cost estimate on the action needed to restore the square. The immediate 1/2 mile catchment area of Davis is the money machine for the city generating over 25% of the tax revenues, more that either Assembly or Union Squares yet there has been a disinvestment in the square. The residents and business owners want to see the square fixed.

The DavisNOW group would like to invite you to send a reporter to attend.

Details on DavisNOW.org

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