The Tainted Somerville FBI And Me, Classic Political Investigation Tampering

By William Tauro

Allegations that have risen of finger-on-the-scale Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that agents have been tipping the scales here in Somerville for many years and until now have gone completely unnoticed.

The FBI has always been presumed to be one of the country’s most elite law enforcement agency’s of all the land, but not when it comes to dirty politics here in Somerville.

In my opinion this is how it went down with the multiple year magical question puzzling authorities and victims for years is “How has the Somerville mayor gotten away with the multitude of allegations that he has been accused of him committing for over a decade?”

I’m not sure how many FBI agents have been involved yet but in my opinion there are two special agents compromising investigations by not doing the right thing and aiding by placing their finger on the scale for the Somerville Mayor over the years at the federal level.

According to sources, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been in Somerville since 2006 investigating seven term Mayor Joseph Curtatone and his administration for alleged countless acts of corruption and extortion with no luck until now.

For years the Boston office of the FBI, their supervisors have continuously stressed in past years to agents that if they didn’t have positive video footage of proof of political corruption on video tape of Curtatone that it won’t be considered for prosecution purposes until now.

A series of astonishing documented events have occurred in the past thirty days stretching from December 25th 2018 to January 25th of 2019 proving our theories that the Teflon mayor has friendly local appointed federal protectioThese new theories recently came into when a threat against my life took place by one of the six people that I previously sought federal charges against including Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and five of his accomplices including members of his administration as well as for two affiliates of the Somerville Times.

Homegrown made in Somerville FBI agents have been joining the ranks of the upstairs chain of command staff within the Somerville Police Department for over twelve years.

Regular everyday Somerville Police Department patrolmen have expanded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or as we call them the” Fabricated Bureau of Irresponsibilities!”

For over the past 12 years a Somerville Police Department patrolman has been on loan to the FBI task force and is allegedly presumed to be the administration’s protection deflecting and tampering with official Somerville Police investigations over the past decade.

Allegations that tainted federal agents have been committing dirty deeds in Somerville for over the past decade are arising. They’re alleged of conspiring with official FBI reports covering-up and compromising official cases and still continues to be as of today under investigation with interfering and tampering with Somerville Police Department official internal criminal cases.

It is being alleged a twenty-three year veteran of the Somerville Police Department who has been on loan to the Federal Bureau of Investigation from the Somerville Police Department for the past 11 years since 2008 has been Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone’s Federal eyes and ears. Allegations that this Somerville appointed agent is adding to the Teflon political protection to the seven term Somerville Mayor to allegedly assisting him with Federal dirty deeds that need to be covered up .

John Olivera, a Somerville Police Officer assigned to the FBI as an agent is amid allegations that he’s assisting Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Somerville Police Department officials in covering up criminal investigations that they don’t want to become made public.

We also can presume that law enforcement partners will be loyal partners and we know how that goes. We can all also presume that law enforcement partners in some cases would take a bullet for each other, or would they depending on their loyalty lie as well for one another.

The Somerville FBI have been involved in multiple criminal investigations in Somerville throughout the years including the unsolved Deanna Cremin murder case, the unsolved multiple real estate corruption cases throughout the city including the allegations the eminent domain taken of the Somerville bowling alley that led to allegations that a tampering of a MBTA municipal bidding system took place.

A multitude of unanswered questions are also hovering over allegations of the mayor’s involvement with alleged tampering of the Somerville municipal hiring list that illegally bumped Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier off that list that later placed Officer Collier’s destiny in the direct paths of the Boston Marathon Bombers that resulted in his murder.

The mayor to date has never denied, refuted nor held any press conferences nor even sued me for slander regarding these allegations of alleged criminal activity that he is alleged to be involved in.

Let’s pick these allegations apart one by one beginning with the Deanna Cremin investigation. In November of 2017 new evidence surfaced regarding Deanna Cremin’s 1995 murder that the investigation has been stifled when the seven-term mayor took office in 2004.

This new information has been supported by the victim’s family for a media release in November of 2017 that the Somerville Police Department and Middlesex District Attorney’s Office is in possession of that new evidence that has recently surfaced in November of 2017 regarding the murder of 17 year old Deanna Cremin whose body was found in Somerville on March 30th 1995.

Deanna Cremin was found behind a senior housing complex four days after her seventeenth birthday. An autopsy revealed she had been strangled, and her murder remains unsolved.

The new evidence received in 2017 leads back to over fourteen years ago to the end of the Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay’s Administration In 2003 right into the beginning of the new current Mayor Joseph Curtatone’s Administration year in 2004. The new evidence alludes that the current administration or the mayor may have been involved in an alleged stalling tactic and “stifled” the investigation.

The new evidence received that the authorities have in their possession as evidence pertains to the murder that reads in part-censored version:(“The police department was close to uncovering the Deanna Cremin murder.” “Apparently, on the heels of the arrest or blowing the story open the Curtatone Administration or xxxxxx xxx stifled the investigation.” “He said that this story is well known by certain officers on the force to this day.” “xx xxxxxx went on to tell me that the investigation was centered none other than the brother of the former xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx developer of which xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.” “As you well know the xxxxxx xxxxxxxx is a close friend and xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx of the mayor.”

“He’s a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in the city. I am sharing this story with you because the only thing I could think of at night is a poor family of Deanna Cremin who spent over 20 years trying to get justice.”)

With more and more people coming forward and leads coming in every day, law enforcement authorities must investigate every one of them leaving no stone unturned.

How about the case of the Somerville Police officer who intentionally placed his own penis on the copy machine at a Somerville elementary school then later emailed it out on a school computer to harass a fellow officer? If anybody else had committed this crime, federal officials would’ve been zeroing in to arrest the perpetrator and publicize it throughout news stations everywhere. But instead it was squashed with no mention of anything thanks to a federal connection that allegedly squashed it and later the officer was even promoted by the mayor.

Another investigation that is alleged to have been compromised and committed a federal crime of the illegal tampering of the municipal police and fire department hiring list that Mayor Curtatone is being accused of bumping that resulted in changing the destinies of over fifty young police and fire department candidates forever. That list also included placing Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier‘s destiny in the path of the Boston Marathon Bombers that resulted in Collier’s ambushed murder.

Somerville had two bites of the apple when it came to the Sean Collier murder.

The Somerville FBI could of also have prevented Officer Collier’s murder that could’ve been avoided if commonsense was used on that fatal night.

Not only did certain individuals here in Somerville do wrong to Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier by bumping him off the municipal hiring list then later covering it up, they may have also contributed to his death by not notifying him that the soon to be murderers were at still large in his area.

The Somerville FBI agent’s failure to warn his fellow officers during the frantic search of the Tenisar Brothers that the FBI literally lost site of them while tailing them in Central Square in Cambridge that may have contributed to Slain MIT Officer Sean Collier’s murder. Only if Special Agent Oliveira, who is really a Somerville Police Officer in reality had only notified his fellow officers to whom he has an moral obligation that they were searching for the Tsarnaev Brothers in Cambridge and Somerville, then well maybe, or I should say definitely that Somerville, Cambridge as well as MIT Police Departments would have been on high-alert placing two officers in every cruiser and most definitely Sean Collier not being where he was waiting in his cruiser for his shift to end. He along with the other officers would’ve been ready and on the lookout for the bad guys instead of just sitting there in his cruiser unaware of the danger lurking around him when he was ambushed.

Officer Sean Collier’s murder could’ve been absolutely avoided.

Well now after years of frustration and seriously thinking of what’s going on with a federal leak in Somerville, we finally have a theory on what has happened along with proof to back it up.

You may be asking why the reason all of a sudden I am taking on the Somerville FBI and exposing them. The reason is that I have recently witnessed firsthand of their political motives and their motives for their involvement in Somerville political corruption.

Twelve years is an awful long time to make friends in the federal FBI world and that’s how most of the coverups began to fall apart due to unlawful tampering.

For too long they have been covering their own behinds, but until now after witnessing it with my own two eyes, they’re realizing I’m catching onto them and their criminal minded motives.

I recall a barbecue that the mayor and the Somerville FBI agent attended a few years back at a former Alderman’s backyard. There was plenty of cigar smoking and alcohol distribution between the Somerville mayor and the Somerville FBI loaned agent as the mayor was heard saying that “There is only room in this city for one politician here and that’s me!”

This is what Curtatone said out loud in front of the guests at the barbecue referring to then the interim Somerville police chief and whom only days before Curtatone demoted the interim deputy chief down to the rank of captain allegedly because the interim chief knew too much and was catching on to the mayor’s involvement in official police investigations.

Since that day I have been absolutely positive with no doubts in my mind of the mayor’s close relationship with Somerville loaner to the Feds, Somerville FBI Special Agent Oliviera where in my opinion is where the leaks began.

During the official death threat against me from one on the mayor’s appointed/hired hacks that was reported to the FBI, many of these conspiracy theories began to come together then into play. Somehow they even almost managed to throw a wrench into the case by manipulating FBI reports, but we caught it just in time.

I did call the US attorney‘s office as well as FBI Headquarters Washington to report to their Internal affairs department my findings which apparently upset Special Agent Olivera and especially his partner Special Agent Brendan Fogerty as well as putting them on high alert of me as being a whistleblower exposing their plot.

When I was recently made aware of the death threat against my life from a city of Somerville administration employee, a garage foreman, as well as providing the mayor’s friend,the suspect, with an official federal confidential report, I immediately notified the FBI. The next day, my phone rang and on the other end I heard “Good morning Bill, I’m returning your call regarding the inquiry that you made with the FBI.” It was Special Agent/Somerville Police Officer John Olivera on the other end and I immediately replied “What do you mean, you’re the FBI agent they sent to investigate this case are you kidding me?” Olivera replied “of course not, who do you think they call when there’s a problem in Somerville, me?”

Special Agent Oliveira and his partner Special Agent Brendan Fogerty assigned themselves to my case and the investigation began.

Shortly after that Special Agent Oliveira and his partner Special Agent Fogerty came to my office and interviewed me against my better judgment with uncertainty of their credibility here, but reluctantly I allowed it to happen.

Two days later the two agents interviewed the witness to whom the death threat on my life was made describing the hit to be via a bullet with my name on it that was told to the witness before relaying it to me who relayed it to the agents in complete detail in a small office located at the Somerville Police Station.

Later that same day at the Somerville Police Station the two agents interviewed the suspect as well.

Following the interview, the agents allegedly undermining the system provided the suspect with a confidential federal document regarding the report which the suspect also presented it to a judge at a court hearing.

The end result is when the investigation was completed by the federal duo, conveniently no findings against the mayor’s DPW garage foreman were found to be a viable threat.

I strongly believe that the investigation was tilted with the two federal special agent partner’s fingers on the scale which resulted in the dismissal of the complaint of the mayor’s preferd employee. This particular suspect who is also the main suspect in the infamous Somerville DPW Overtime Scandal thus preventing the suspect from taking the witnessstand with the risk of him testifying against the administration with information that they don’t want exposed.

Special Agent Oliveira and his partner had motives of intent to cover up alleged criminal activity for Curtatone as well as for members of his administration.

Their motivation is due to a major conflict in having absolute skin in the game for their own personal agenda.

Their conflict and agenda here is to not get bounced off the illustrious FBI detail that Special Agent Olivera has been part of for over a decade rather than to not being issued a pair of white gloves and being reassigned to doing traffic details during rain storms in the middle of Union Square.

Another conflict issue that I have with Special Agent Olivera is that he’s my brother’s nephew through marriage and he should’ve have never been assigned to my case in the first place.

During the beginning stages of this investigation I notified Special Agent Olivera of this, but he ultimately talked me out of it by assuring me that this wasn’t the case here and I reluctantly went along with it.

Shortly after my conversations with FBI Headquarters Washington Internal Affairs Department with whom I reported the agents’s actions and conflicts regarding this investigation as well as with accusations of the two agents tilting the scale for Curtatone during this official federal investigation.

Special Agent Fogerty, Oliveira’s partner recently attempted to harass me via an intimidation tactic that I also have reported to the agency including an incident where while on the phone with FBI Headquarters Washington, Fogerty intercepted the call.

While on the phone reporting the allegations, out of nowhere, Special Agent Fogerty intercepted the phone call by clicking in and berating me from reporting any further claims against him and Olivera. I feel that he tried to intimidate me from filing a complaint against the two telling me “I’m in charge here and I’m not changing my story because its my case” while all the time refusing to transfer me to his superiors further informing me that“ my boss won’t change his mind so forget it!”

I believe his motive here was to further intimidate me to go away and him simply covering his own ass.

In my opinion, even though being a Somerville Police Officer who is on loan to the FBI, even though related to me through marriage, Special Agent Olivera is tilting the scales of justice. This puts me now directly in harms way further fearing for my safety.

Special Agent Oliveria’s allegiance is with the guy who puts the food on his table and who still permits him to carry his federal gold badge for over the past decade, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

All this makes you wonder if the agents still involved in the multiple corruption cases against the mayor and his administration as well as for the Sean Collier case of alleged tampering of the Somerville Police and Fire Departments municipal hiring list are on the level as well.

This story is still developing…

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  1. very good article…I have had a run in with the mayor and his police. I was left homeless because of police corruption. The AG warned me to stay OUT of Somerville, ….NOT even the train
    yes I have talked to DOJ and FBI several times not just once.

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