Lunch & Learn Digital Literacy Series

Greetings all–

Happy 2019! The Somerville Public Library and Somerville Media Center are excited to announce our 2019 workshops as part of our collaborative training program for improving people’s digital & technology skills called, Lunch & Learn Digital Literacy Series.

The next Lunch & Learn workshop is Tuesday, January 15th from 12pm-2pm @Somerville Media Center (90 Union Square). During this two-hour workshop on “Understanding Google Suites & Apps.” In this class, instructors will go over using google drive, its most popular apps (google docs, google sheets, google slides) and answer any questions from the students.

REGISTRATION: Please submit the form online here to sign up for any of our upcoming workshops! If not comfortable submitting the form, no worries, just call us at 617-628-8826 or send us an email at

OTHER UPCOMING DIGITAL LITERACY WORKSHOPS: Somerville Media Center is expanding their digital literacy workshops to the community beyond the Lunch & Learn Series with the Somerville Public Library! SMC is happy to be a recipient of the SkillUp Somerville, a grant funded program of the City of Somerville. With these funds, SMC is offering even more digital literacy workshops geared toward audiences who want to improve their ability to navigate and participate in the digital media sphere and greater social economy. This SMC Digital Literacy program will address a wider spectrum of digital inclusion factors like taking full advantage of utilizing smartphones, researching the internet, learning media production, graphic design, building user friendly websites, becoming a community journalist, deepening media literacy knowledge and in general creating media savvy consumers. READ MORE ABOUT THESE OFFERINGS HERE!

All the best,
Erica Jones

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