Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Christopher WILLIAMS (Break into Depository, Larceny Under, & SPD/Boston Warrants)

On Friday November 23, 2018, I, Officer Hartsgrove, was dispatched to 77 Middlesex Ave (Kmart) for a report of a shoplifting in progress at 1:46 AM. Officer Scrugli responded as back up.

On arrival, I met with loss prevention officer XXX, who stated that a white male wearing a black North Face jacket, tan baseball cap, and had two gold earrings on each ear, had broken into the jewelry case and took a chain. XXX believed that he concealed the chain in a comforter bag that was in the carriage. He also stated that the male was accompanied by a white female wearing a purple jacket and black boots.

XXX then waited for the male to come to the register and confronted the male there. Officer Scrugli and I handcuffed the male for our safety and everyone else’s. The male was escorted to the office to further investigate. The female was also found and escorted to the office. Both the male and female were wearing the described articles of clothing.

In the office, Officer Scrugli searched the male for our safety. During the search Officer Scrugli felt a large bulge in the males waist band. Officer Scrugli removed a bag from his waistband containing several white pills, suboxone film and three chains with sales tags attached to them. I reviewed the security footage. It clearly shows the male, now identified as Christopher Williams, reach over the jewelry counter, stick something in the lock mechanism and open the glass to retrieve a chain. The three chains amounted to $946.97.

Mr. William’s girlfriend XXX, stated that she did not know he had taken the chains and Mr. Williams confirmed that she was not involved. XXX was sent on her way and she was trespassed from Kmart.

Mr. Williams was arrested for larceny under $1200 and breaking into a depository. Mr. Williams also had two outstanding warrants which will also be added. He was transferred to the police station by unit 200 and booked in the usual manner by LT. Lavey.


Officer Hartsgrove

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