Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Antonio DANIEL (ADW)

On Saturday, November 24, 2018, I was assigned to marked unit East-4 and on a motor vehicle stop. At approximately 7:39 PM, several officers were dispatched to the area of School Street and Stickney Avenue on a report of an individual who pulled a knife on another individual. As soon as I was able to clear, I made my way to that intersection. Dispatch stated in route that the victim was located at the Mobile gas station at the intersection of Medford Street and School Street.

Upon arrival with Officers Fusco (East-1), Messaoudi (East-3), Ribeiro (East-3) and Sergeant McCarey (S-8) at the Mobile gas station, I was flagged down by the victim, identified as XXXX. XXXX appeared to be shaken, and it took him several minutes to calm down and tell me what happened. He went on to say that he had been parked on Stickney Avenue at the corner of School Street waiting to pick up his son who was at a party a few houses down. He was reclined in his vehicle when a male came up and banged on the window. Upon realizing that XXXX was only sleeping, the male went back inside. XXXX went to the Mobile gas station and got a drink, then back to Stickney Avenue, and parked in the open space across from where he was originally parked. He stated that a different male, later identified as Mr. Antonio Daniel, exited the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the xxx corner of School Street and Stickney Avenue and approached him. XXXX got out of the car and noticed that Mr. Daniel had a knife in his hand and was yelling. Mr. Daniel then allegedly placed the knife up against XXXX’s chest area and threatened to kill him. XXXX gave the following description of Mr. Daniel: an older male with olive skin, wearing a light colored tank top, longer dark hair that was slicked back and shorts. Officer Ribeiro stayed with XXXX while the rest of us headed over to the location the incident occurred.

Upon arrival, a male matching that description exited the side door of the xxxx house on the corner of School Street and Stickney Avenue. This male was later identified as Mr. Antonio Daniel. Due to Mr. Daniel’s native language being Portuguese, Officer Torres (T-9) was called to the scene to translate as Officer Torres speaks fluent Portuguese. Through the interpretation provided by Officer Torres, I learned the following: Mr. Daniel noticed a male sitting in a car that was playing loud music. He approached the vehicle and banged on the window to tell the driver (XXXX) to turn down the music. Shortly after, the vehicle left, only to return a short time later and park across the street with the music again turned up loud. Mr. Daniel noticed XXXX get a baseball bat out of the trunk and return with the bat to the drivers seat. At this time Mr. Daniel said he went inside and got a knife and approached XXXX with the knife closed and said, “you either leave or I will slit your throat.” I asked if XXXX did anything with the baseball bat besides take it out of the trunk, and Mr. Daniel said no. At this point I asked Officer Ribeiro to complete a show-up form and transport the victim to our location. Mr. Daniel and his Nephew, XXXX, were asked to stand on the corner of Stickney Avenue and School Street under a street light. Neither of these parties were in handcuffs, and the only officer within immediate proximity to either party was Officer Torres. Several police cars were located in the area, but no emergency lights were activated. XXXX was able to positively identify Mr. Daniel as the individual who threatened him with the knife. See Officer Ribeiro’s supplemental report for information about the show-up process. I will be digitally attaching the show-up form to this report, and tagging it into evidence. A small pocket folding knife was discovered on Mr. Daniel which will be photographed and tagged into evidence. It should be noted that a search of XXXX’s car did not reveal any baseball bat.

Mr. Daniel was placed under arrest (cuffs double locked) and transported to the Somerville Police Station via the prisoner transport vehicle unit 200 operated by Officer Lambert. He was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Lieutenant W. Rymill. Mr. Medeiros is being charged with M.L. c265 S15B – Assault W/ Dangerous Weapon.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Kevin Goulart #326

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