Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Dante QUINN (Drug Distribute B x 3, Drug Possess A) Dealing Drugs In Kmart

On August 3, 2018, at approximately 16:40 hours, I was contacted by Kmart Loss Prevention Officer, XXXX, requesting assistance with a male he believed to be dealing narcotics in Kmart. XXXX told me he had been watching the male, later identified as Dante QUINN, via surveillance camera, and observed him meet up with three other males, one after the other. During each meeting, he watched QUINN hand the males an item, and as he zoomed in on surveillance camera, he believed QUINN was holding a bag full of pills.

Officer Schneider, Officer Goulart, and I made our way to Kmart, where Kmart Loss Prevention Officer, XXXX, met us at the door. As we walked into the store, we observed QUINN walking towards us with a shopping cart, as XXXX indicated QUINN was the male in question. As we greeted QUINN, he almost immediately told us he knew why we were there, and spontaneously uttered, “What you’re looking for is right here,” gesturing to the right side pocket of his cargo shorts. As Officer Schneider located a baggie containing 23 blue and white pills in the right side pocket of QUINN’s cargo shorts, QUINN told me he knew he must’ve been caught on camera as we approached him and XXXX pointed to him. He stated the baggie located on his person contained “Perc 30’s,” which is a commonly used term for 30mg Percocet pills.

QUINN was read his Miranda rights from a card I keep in my vest pocket, and stated he understood his rights. QUINN told Officer Schneider he was “Killing two birds with one stone,” by coming to Kmart to do some shopping as well as sell Percocets. When I told him the narcotics transactions were caught on surveillance camera, he readily admitted to selling Percocet pills to two males inside Kmart. Surveillance photos of both males were shown to QUINN, and he confirmed these were the males he sold to. In addition to these two males, I observed video footage of QUINN selling to a third male. When confronted with a photo and this information, QUINN admitted to this sale as well, stating he had forgotten about it. QUINN was unsure if the males were still inside the store, and officers were unable locate the three additional suspects.

In QUINN’s left front cargo shorts pocket I located $412 cash, mostly consisting of $20 bills. Based on my training and experience, $20 bills are a very common monetary denomination in narcotics transactions. After speaking with QUINN and observing video surveillance of the three narcotics transactions, I placed him under arrest for Distribution of a Class B Substance (x3). He was asked if he had any other narcotics on his person, to which he nodded, and gestured to his right shoe. Inside his right sock, I located a baggie containing a tan powder substance. When I asked QUINN what it was, he replied “Brown,” which is a common street term for heroin. He was searched incident to arrest, and transported to the station for booking by Unit 200, operated by Officer Lambert.

It should be noted members of the Somerville Narcotics Unit told me QUINN is a known narcotics user and dealer, who they have had interactions with before. I seized QUINN’s monies for forfeiture proceedings, which was logged into evidence, along with the two baggies, and DVD of video surveillance.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece


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