Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Paul CURTIS (Larceny Over)

On October 13, 2018 at 3:13 p.m., Somerville Police received a call from the XXXX (2xx Elms Street) for a larceny. The caller was a Loss Prevention associate named XXXX. The suspect was an employee named Paul Curtis.

I later responded to the XXXX to assist. On arrival, I met the Loss Prevention(LP) Regional Director, XXXX and an LP Coordinator named XXXX. I was escorted to a private office in the basement of the business where Mr. Curtis had been placed by XXXX.

The latter informed me that Mr. Curtis was caught on video stealing money from a safe located in the store’s cash office. Further XXXX told me that Mr. Curtis had been the subject of an ongoing investigation conducted by XXXX ‘s Loss Prevention unit since June of 2018.

She said they had video evidence that he stole a whopping twenty five thousand dollars from the same safe since June. She further explained that moments prior to my arrival, XXXX and she had interviewed Mr. Curtis and that he admitted to stealing the entire amount.

XXXX said that at the end of June of 2018, XXXX conducted an audit and discovered a shortage in the total cash amount collected by employees at closing. They conducted an internal investigation which included video surveillance of the cash room and discovered some suspicious activities exhibited by Mr. Curtis.

At the end of his shifts, part of Curtis’ duties was to collect money from the Scan registers and placed it in the previously noted safe in the cash room. On multiple occasions, he was observed, discreetly hiding his hands and placing an item in his pocket prior to or during placement of the cash in the safe.

Details of these activities were documented on paper and handed to me by XXXX as evidence. XXXX told me that earlier in the day, they watched Mr. Curtis in the cash room and saw him putting cash in his pocket. They confronted him and brought him to the previously mentioned private office and confronted him about the thefts.

They searched him and found five hundred and sixty dollars on his person’s. She said they interviewed him and he admitted to stealing the twenty five thousand dollars over a three to four month period. It should be noted, this interview was conducted without police presence.

Based on these facts, I placed Mr. Curtis in custody for the crime of Larceny over $1200. Prior to transporting the defendant to police headquarters for booking, he was issued a verbal trespass order to all retail locations owned and operated by XXXX. Photographs of the money found on Mr. Curtis and the documentation sheets of Loss Prevention personnel’s observations can be found in the attachment section of this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Jon Thermidor, Badge #240

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