Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Amy MCGREGOR (B&E Nighttime for Felony) at Assembly Row

On October 3, 2018, I was patrolling area East 1 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 03:24, East 4, Ofc. Ruf, and I, were dispatched to 4xx Foley Street (XXXX) for multiple motion alarms.

Upon arrival, I saw a female exiting the establishment, later identified as Amy Mcgregor. I asked Mcgregor what she was doing inside of the restaurant, and replied saying she worked there and was just using the bathroom since the door was unlocked. She went on to mention that she had walked from her residence in Medford looking for a computer to use to look up a flight itinerary.  I had dispatch get in contact with the owner of the restaurant to confirm if Mcgregor did in fact work there. The owner stated that Mcgregor did not work there and that he had never heard of that name before. I asked Mcgregor again what she was doing inside the restaurant. She changed her story and said that she wants to get a job there, and went inside to use the bathroom since all the lights were on. When I looked in the restaurant, all the main lights were off with only a couple of ambient lights on behind the bar.

Mcgregor was placed under arrest for: B and E Nighttime for Felony C266 S16. She was transported in Unit #200 by Ofc. Costa to Somerville Police Headquarters where she was booked in the usual manner by Lt. DeOliveira.

At this time, the owner of XXXX was able to capture still images of a female inside the restaurant, and would be contacting his security company in the morning about being able to retrieve video surveillance.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christine Bork #327

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  1. Ms. McGregor suffers from Disasociative Idenity Disorder when she is under severe stress and anxiety and does not remember what she did. The court recognized that and the case was dismissed.

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