Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Scott BADEAU (VCO Open Container, Trespass)

On Tuesday, October 1st, 2018, at about 11:20 PM Officer Mark Nevin, Officer Chris Collette, and I (Officer Dylan Lambert) were conducting a directed patrol in Seven Hills Park on foot. While walking through Seven Hills Park we noticed a man (Scott Badeau) camped out at the rear of Harvard Vanguard for no legitimate purpose. He had a backpack, a blanket, and two open cold beers in his possession. Mr. Badeau was arrested for being in possession of an open container of alcohol in public and trespassing.

Mr. Badeau was transported in the prisoner transport wagon by Officer Buswell to the station, where he was booked by Lt. DeOliveira. During an inventory search of Mr. Badeau’s personal property six counterfeit bills were discovered (one of each of the following: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100). Pending further investigation, additional charges may be filed. The counterfeit bills were submitted to the property room as evidence.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Dylan Lambert #351

One thought on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Scott BADEAU (VCO Open Container, Trespass)”

  1. A counterfeit 1$ bill? Surely you jest. I suspect Officer Useful was so eager to book this evil vagrant that he failed to notice it was just Monopoly money.

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