Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Alan ZUCCARO (Disorderly, Resisting, Assault x 2)

On 09/13/18, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit West Seven. At approximately 18:17 hours, I was dispatched to a man down, near 4x Packard Ave. As I arrived in the area the male was GOA. A female approached me and stated that the male had gotten to his feet and walked toward Powder House BLVD. I proceeded in that direction, and near the intersection of Packard Ave. and Powder House BLVD, a man, later identified as Alan Zuccaro approached my cruiser. He asked me for a ride. He stated that I was probably looking for him as he had been laying on the ground. I asked Mr. Zuccaro to walk back to the sidewalk, as he was standing aside my cruiser and in the middle of the street. He moved to the sidewalk.

As I spoke with Mr. Zuccaro I was able to detect an odor consistent with that of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his person. Also, his eyes appeared glassy. He appeared intoxicated. He then slid his hand over my shoulder. I removed his hand and advised him not to touch me. He denied having done so. I asked him if he was ok. He stated that he needed a ride, and made a brief statement about XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Due to Mr. Zuccaro’s intoxication which had led to him having been reported as being down and on the sidewalk and his statement regarding XXXXXXX, I requested an ambulance to the scene to speak with and evaluate Mr. Zuccaro. Mr. Zuccaro did not want to speak with paramedics. I advised Mr. Zuccaro that someone had reported him having been passed out on the sidewalk. He stated that he was not passed out. He was laying down and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

As I spoke with Mr. Zuccaro he became impatient and started to walk away. Keeping Mr. Zuccaro’s level of intoxication in mind and his statements regarding XXXXXXXXXX, I asked Mr. Zuccaro if he would be ok once he got home, his response was something to the effect of, “Well, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.” This was a statement repeated several times during the encounter. At this point I believed Mr. Zuccaro XXXXXXXXXXXX, as he was intoxicated to the point where he had been found on the ground, and he was speaking about XXXXX. Mr. Zuccaro continued walking away. I advised him that he needed to wait for the paramedics, as I was concerned for his safety based on XXXXX and intoxication. He continued to walk away. In order to keep him from leaving the area, I clutched his arm and advised him, that he needed to wait for the ambulance due to his state.

I tried to sit him down, and asked him to sit, several times, but he began to tense his arm and tried to pull away. Mr. Zuccaro began to spin his body away from mine in an attempt to break free. During this time he was cocking his free arm back, and slouching back and into a fighting type stance. Due Mr. Zuccaro’s resistance and taking a fighting stance as I attempted to bring him under control and into protective custody I was forced to bring him to the ground. Once on the ground Mr. Zuccaro refused to be handcuffed. I was able to roll Mr. Zuccaro onto his stomach and secure one handcuff. He refused to bring his second arm up from his under his body. I utilized my expandable baton as a leverage enhance in an attempt to roll his concealed right arm out from under his body. In my first two attempts, my baton and right hand slipped causing the back of my right hand to hit Mr. Zuccaro in the face. Finally I was able to secure Mr. Zuccaro’s right hand in hand cuffs. I’d like to note that this struggle occurred on the sidewalk of a residential neighborhood, in complete view of all residents who were subjected to Mr. Zuccaro’s violent demeanor and shouts of homophobic slurs. This occurred during dinner time, and with moderate vehicular traffic on a heavily used roadway. I observed one vehicle move near the sidewalk where I was struggling to handcuff Mr. Zuccaro, and I observed the occupant to have been shocked as the they neared and observed the spectacle.

Officer Soares, and Sergeant McCarey arrived on scene. Mr. Zuccaro was screaming at responding officers and continued to flail his body while on the ground. Cataldo ambulance arrived. Mr. Zuccaro was transported to Somerville Hospital, XXXXX (XXXXXXX). I advised Mr. Zuccaro that he was also under arrest for disorderly conduct 272/53 and resisting arrest 268/32B. Mr. Zuccaro was transported to Somerville hospital. Officer Soares accompanied Mr. Zuccaro in the ambulance, and I followed. I also applied for a XXXX on behalf of Mr. Zuccaro, as I believed he was a threat to himself based on his intoxication, which had clearly affected his ability to make decisions, and XXXX. Mr. Zuccaro was attended by XXXX. The XXXX discharged Mr. Zuccaro on all medical grounds.

While in the hospital, Mr. Zuccaro complained of his handcuffs having been too tight. I adjusted the handcuffs. While staring at me, he told me that he wanted to hit me. He then cocked back his hand and began to swing his fist at me, he retracted it before coming close. He then swung his foot at Officer Soares. He did not connect with either of us. Because of this threatened battery, I will be adding the charges of assault, 265/13A. Mr. Zuccaro was transported to SPD HQ, where he was booked by Lt. DiGregorio.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302

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