Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Juan MOLINA (Shoplifting & SPD Warrant) at Saks Fifth Ave Assembly Row

On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 781, I(Officer Patrick Canty) was driving through Assembly Row when I was contacted by Saks Loss Prevention Agent, XXXX. XXXX stated that a male had just stolen multiple pairs of sunglasses from Saks. He described the male as being Hispanic, wearing a red or maroon hoodie and blue hat.He also stated the male had a black back pack. I was told that the suspect fled toward the Home Depot parking lot. I put the description out to other units, and Officer Van Nostrand noticed a male fitting the description walking in the back of the Home Depot.

Officer Van Nostrand also stated the male had multiple pairs of sunglasses sticking from his pockets. the sunglasses all still had the theft protection devices attached. I arrived on scene and immediately recognized the suspect as Juan Molina. Mr. Molina is a known shoplifter and has multiple shoplifting incidents in the Assembly Row area. I ran Mr. Molina in my mobile computer and discovered he also had 3 active warrants for his arrest, all for separate shoplifting incidents.

I Placed Mr. Molina under arrest for the 3 warrants, and also the charge of Shoplifting by Asportation. He was handcuffed (double locked) and transported to the Somerville Police Station in the transport wagon (Officer Justin Brown). He was then Booked in the usual manner by the Commander(LT. Mike Kennelly). I returned the 6 pairs of sunglasses ($564.98) to Saks.

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