Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Marcus SLIM (A&B PO, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly)

On Friday, September 14, 2018, while assigned to marked unit East-3, at 0121, I, Officer Catatao, was dispatched to the area of 18x Washington Street for the report of a man lying in the middle of the street. Marked units East-1 and East-4 also responded.

Upon arrival, East-1 reported that the man, later identified as Marcus Slim, was running down Washington Street, towards Charlestown, and then took a right onto Joy Street. East-4 and I followed behind East-1 and were able to stop Slim on Joy Street in front of XXXX. Upon approaching Slim, he kept saying “You have to help me please! That guy! He tried to make me do things I did not want to do.” I began asking Slim for his name and to explain to me what had happened to him before our arrival. According to Slim, he met a guy in Boston and that the guy had “a lot of names,” and that he had been running for “10 minutes.” When I asked Slim where he lived, he replied “I’m a tourist. I’m staying at the XXXX in Boston next to the PF Changs.” Slim was very frantic, sweating profusely, his shirt was soaked, and he seemed out of breath. When I told Slim we were here to help him and needed to know what happened to him, he kept saying “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

At some point during this conversation, Cataldo Ambulance arrived on scene. Officer Bork began to speak to Slim as I called the XXXX, located at xx Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge, to confirm whether or not Slim was a guest there. As I was speaking to the operator, I observed Slim throw cash and two plastic cards at Officer Bork. I put the phone down and approached Slim and told him to calm down as we are only trying to help him and that he should not be throwing things at the officers. I then told Slim that I wanted him to speak to the EMTs to determine if he was ok and if he was, then we would get him a cab back to his hotel. While Slim was speaking to the EMTs, I was able to confirm that Slim is a guest at the XXXX, staying in room xxx with his father. Slim told the EMTs that he was staying with his niece. I then asked the operator if they could transfer me to room xxx and they did.

As I was speaking to a man who identified himself as Slim’s father, Slim began yelling at the EMTs. As we approached Slim, Slim began to scream and flail his arms. Due to his screaming and erratic behavior, several motor vehicles that were driving down Joy Street towards Washington Street, slowed down to observe what was happening. Several Cataldo employees also came outside to see what was going on. When we told Slim to relax, he began to clench his fists, square his shoulders, and plant his feet. Officer Messaoudi then equipped his department issued OC spray in his hand and said to Slim “Slim, your choice: hospital or jail? What is it?” Officer Messaoudi repeated the question again, and Slim began to scream profanities at us. Officer Messaoudi then reached behind to grab his handcuffs from the back of his belt and that is when Slim began to run away from us. Officers Bork, Messaoudi, Ruf, and I were able to stop Slim fairly quickly but he tensed up, began to thrash, and was trying to push us away from him and take off. Slim was screaming wildly, trying to get away from us, and concerned for his safety, Officer Bork delivered a quick burst of OC spray directly to Slim’s face, incapacitating him enough for us to assist him to the ground. As we attempted to handcuff Slim, he began to try to buck us off, kicking and screaming “Fuck you bitches!,” and trying to roll back over from his stomach.

After finally securing him in handcuffs, Officer Ruf radioed to Somerville Control to start marked unit 200, the prisoner transport vehicle. As we stood Slim up, he began to scream profanities again at us and began to try and pull himself away from us. Slim then turned his head and spit directly in Officer Bork’s face, yelling “Fuck you bitch!” To prevent Slim from spitting again, we assisted him back down to the ground until 200 arrived on scene. Officers Costa and Messaoudi placed Slim into the transport vehicle and as they shut the doors, Slim began to scream and thrash about. I radioed into Somerville Control that I would be following 200 to the station due to Slim’s violent behavior. Street Supervisor Sergeant Slattery met us at the sally port along with Officer Dervishian and the shift commander, Lieutenant Lavey. After assisting Slim out of the prisoner transport vehicle and to a sink to help him decontaminate from the OC, Slim began to scream again, squaring up again. Due to Slim’s uncooperativeness and aggression, he was placed into a cell where he began to kick the protective glass several times. Slim was ordered several times to stop but he just kept screaming profanities and demanding a phone call. At the time of this report, Slim still had not calmed down enough to be booked and has stripped himself of all his clothing except his boxers.

I will be filing the following charges:

– Ch.265/13D/A – Assault & Battery on a Police Officer

– Ch.272/53/F – Disorderly Conduct

– Ch.268/32B – Resisting Arrest

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Ashley Catatao #299

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