Homeless People Kicked to the Curb in Somerville

By William Tauro

For over the past year or two several members of the city’s homeless population moved in and called a concrete roadway home in a closed off tunnel under the overpass of the McGrath Highway closed offramp.

This administration through their own arrogance and cluelessness caused the problem and allowed homeless people to set up camp and sleep in the vacant closed down tunnel to use it as their home.

Now after complaints have surfaced revealing unsanitary living conditions that was posing serious threats for the homeless population that sleep there as well as for the surrounding neighbors that boarder the tunnel, the administration turned their backs on them once again and booted them out into the street during Wednesday’s downpour.

The homeless people that reside in the tunnel were forced to evacuate the location that they called home for the past year or two this past Wednesday morning.

The administration ordered a Somerville Department of Public Works crew to load a dumpster full of the tunnel occupants personal belongings to be loaded with a frontend loader and kick the occupants out. They were forced back out into the street with just the clothes on their backs.

You would think the City of Somerville and this administration would use some common sense and help the homeless occupants and not just leave them on the street like an abandoned dog in the pouring rain with nowhere to go.

With all the rich resources and abundance of tax revenue in this city that was purged from the taxpayers pockets over the years, they could of used a little common sense with a little courtesy and sympathy providing some assistance towards these poor soles that would have gone a very long way to help put them on the right path in life.

3 thoughts on “Homeless People Kicked to the Curb in Somerville”

  1. At the rate condos are going up along with rents there will be more homelessness in the Ville. Corrupted Curtatone doesn’t give a damn about anyone that doesn’t see eye to eye with him or goes along with his dirty tactics.

  2. hello my name is steve Andrews I know you you delivered your paper
    to my bldg. mt pleasant. I was evicted on april 10th. locked in a nursing home in melrose w no way to get out. my stuff is in storage in revere. 200 a month.
    kicked out for not keeping apt clean enough under HUD rules and mgmt. sent a nasty letter to sha. I lived there 22 yrs im in a power chair
    I was always going down bway in e som. be a long time bef I get a place

    6 mos to a year winters coming. my case workers working on it.
    what happened to the homeless vet?
    so more homeless in e som kicked out possesions thrown in the garbage! sick! I need help dressing and cleaning myself I cant go out w/o
    my gf she hasant been here in over a week


  3. Not shocking. This city has been lacking in helping the homeless for years. Just look back at that homeless vet who asked out mayor for help. My hopes were that the Powder House school could have been used for the homeless since it has increased so much here. Senior homelessness is at an all time high. There is no reason we can’t offer a bed and some food to those worse off then the rest of us. Not everyone who is homeless is an unsavory character. Many just victims of not affording housing. .We have children going to school here that are homeless. Certainly does not make one proud to come from Somerville.

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