Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Pedro MONTEIRO (Possess Class E)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On Monday, September 3, 2018, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser East-4, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 12:28 A.M., Officer Messaoudi (East-1) and I were dispatched to the back of 5x Memorial Rd for a report of a fight. Several other units responded as well. It should be noted this was the second call for a fight in approximately an hour in the same general area.

Upon arrival to the back of 5x Memorial we were unable to locate any parties. We then checked the courtyard between 5x and 4x Memorial Rd and located three male individuals known to the Somerville Police Department; they were XXXX, XXXX and Pedro Monteiro. There were also two unidentified females with them. I asked them if they had seen anyone fighting in the area and all parties stated no. Officer Granitsas (Somerville Housing Police) stated that XXXX was trespassed from the property and that he shouldn’t have been there. Initially XXXX, Pedro, and the two unidentified females were sent on their way while Officer’s Messaoudi, Granitsas, Bork and I spoke with XXXX. XXXX stated that they were all about to leave and that they had been drinking and smoking weed, a small amount of marijuana was seized from XXXX and Officer Messaoudi issued him a civil ticket for smoking in a public place. While officers were speaking with XXXX, Pedro approached the area again and came and stood next to XXXX. When asked what he was doing back, he stated ” XXXX “. While Pedro was approaching, Officer’s O’Donnell and Scrugli were approximately 5-10 yards behind. Officer O’Donnell stated that he saw Pedro throw something into the bush and continue to where we were. Officer O’Donnell stated to grab him, while he was recovering what was thrown. Officer Granitsas also stated to me that he witnessed Pedro throw something into the bushes before approaching where we were. Please see Officer O’Donnell’s supplement report for further details. The bag that was recovered contained what appeared to be Xanax pills with a preliminary weight of 3.1 grams. I placed Pedro under arrest without incident for Drug, Possession Class E. During a search incident to arrest, a small amount of marijuana was located in Pedro’s property; he was issued a civil ticket for possession of marijuana by a youth under 21. The marijuana that was seized from XXXX and Pedro was marked for destruction.

Pedro is being charged with the following;

M.G.L. c94C / §34 Drug, Possession Class E

Respectfully submitted,

Officer David Ruf #334

Somerville Police Department

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