“A Somerville Water Story ” by Neeze ( A Somerville Rap Artist)

Neeze x Ace Don is a song based on a true story. In the song Neeze raps about finding his step father dead from a fentanlyl overdose on the step fathers birthday. Neeze explains the tragic event in detail in the song and it has had listeners in awe with goose bumps. Also with fellow artist Ace Don loosing his mother recently to the same battle making this song was theraputic to both artist. Both artist agreed to drop the song on soundcloud for 24 hours to give the listeners a preview and the feedback and response to the song was everything you would imagine it would be during the opiod crisis in america. They are in the works of shooting a official with videographer/artist Nesto/Roman Visuals for the song and they are currently looking for a few actors to play certain roles in the video . Neeze has a new cd coming out early december called “Who Is Neeze.”

click on link below to hear song:


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