Alderman-At-Large Will Mbah August Newsletter

Primary season is here, and it is an important time to be engaged voting citizens! I wanted to highlight a few of own endorsements for office in this newsletter, and then I will be back in September with more updates on the agenda for the Board of Aldermen.

Democratic Primary Endorsements (in no particular order)- Please get out and vote on September 4th!


▪ I strongly endorsed the candidacy of Donna Patalano who is running in an important Democratic Primary for District Attorney for Middlesex County on September 4th. The District Attorney has the sole authority to decide who is diverted, offered pleas, charged, indicted, or brought to trial — unchecked by any other official. As District Attorney, Donna has pledged to lead an office committed to equity, transparency, and accountability. She has promised major criminal justice reform and speaks of the current inequity for Black and Latinx people here in MA openly and honestly. You can read more about her exciting platform for change on her website-

• Nika Elugardo for MA 15th

▪ I was so excited to get the opportunity to support Nika by getting out and canvassing with her campaign this summer. She will support our wonderfully diverse immigrant community by helping to pass the Safe Communities Act unlike her opponent.

▪ Nika Elugardo is a justice warrior, a leader who builds bridges and connects unlikely advocates. What makes her unique is the intersection of faith, policy, politics, and system change that she brings to everything she does. As a person of color, Nika is no stranger to discrimination and strongly believes that everyone has the right to live in a world that protects them against it. An important part of Nika’s journey has been assessing the ways in which institutions, perpetuate homophobia and transphobia and challenging them to evaluate their biases. Where there is violence, injustice, or even microaggression against one of us, there is the same against all of us. Nika understands from her own personal experience the journey from ally to champion. As an ally, she has loved and supported us, and our relatives, as gay and queer. As an ally, she has helped faith leaders embrace one another across historic barriers of race and sexual orientation. Nika works intentionally to reject the blindness of her privilege and to promote an end to any form of discrimination. As our representative, Nika will stand up as a champion.

• Bob Massie for Governor

◦ Bob is a lifetime progressive activist, executive leader, and systems thinker who has dedicated his entire career to issues of equity, justice and democracy. We need a progressive Democrat as governor in order to bring about the changes we want. I believe that Bob is that candidate!

• Mike Capuano for MA 7th Congressional District:

◦ The MA 7th Congressional District race is very competitive race this year with two progressive candidates running for office that have made the decision of who to support very tough for progressive democrats. I am supporting Mike Capuano. I have personally appreciated Mike’s vocal opposition to Donald Trump’s racist immigration policies, and, before this election, as a constituent, I have found him to be extremely responsive to concerns I raised over my own brother’s travel visa. I have also appreciated his wisdom and voting on questions of foreign policy that saw him opposing both the Iraq War and Patriot Act when his party mostly caved.

◦ I feel that he’s a progressive fighter with a proven track record of delivering for both our district and for the progressive priorities that matter to us. Mike’s also delivered on local priorities to make our communities a better place to live. He secured funding to finally expand the Green Line and improve transit equity. He’s fought for more money for affordable housing and worked to protect multi-family homes so that everyone can afford to live in their neighborhood. He’s worked to improve health care access in our communities through community health centers, co-founding the Community Health Caucus in Congress. And he’s continued to stand strong against discrimination and equal rights — speaking out when he saw discrimination in public transit on the Fairmount Line, and authoring one of the first local sanctuary city laws in the country when he was an alderman in Somerville —  a law that still helps people today.That’s why I’m proud to stand with Mike and endorse him for re-election in September.

◦ Mike can’t win this campaign without your support, and the most important thing you can give us is your time. Please, join our fight to send a progressive to Congress:

• Other Races of Interest- Using the principles I have outlined above as a guide, I have also endorsed the following candidates:

◦ I endorse Evandro Carvalho for Suffolk County DA (

◦ I endorse Josh Zakim for Secretary of State (

◦ I endorse Jimmy Tingle for Lt. Governor (

◦ I endorse Según Idowu 14th Suffolk District (

I have been re-energized by all of these great progressive candidates, and I am excited to continue my legislative work here in Somerville.

Your Public Servant,

Will Mbah

Always feel free to reach out over email to sign up for the newsletter or to ask questions/voice concerns at or call me at 508-718-8126.

Alderman-At-Large Will Mbah

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