Other Events and Dates in Somerville

August 25: Tour the Old Powder House

August 26: Mural Artist Meet and Greet and Reception

August 27: 88 Wheatland St. affordable resale lottery drawing

August 28: 353 Summer Street Affordable Homeownership Pre-Lottery Inforatmion Session #1

August 29: GLX Community Meeting to Discuss the Broadway Bridge Closure

August 30: Mural Celebration and Parade

August 30: SomerMovie Fest presents Back to the Future

September 8: GLX Drop-In Q&A

September 9: GLX Drop-In Q&A

Open Positions with the City of Somerville

Click HERE for information on open positions with the City of Somerville:

• SomerStat Analyst

• Treasurer/Collector, Finance

• Emergency 911 Call Taker/Dispatcher, Police Department

• Part-Time Plumber, Inspectional Services Department

• SHMEO Catch Basin Operator, Water and Sewer

• Director of Inspectional Services, Inspectional Services Department

• Assistant Clerk of Committees

• Construction Project Manager, Engineering

• Engineering Project Manager, Engineering

• School Nurse, School Department

• Primary Water Operator, Water and Sewer

• Crossing Guard, Police Department

• Lifeguard, Parks and Recreation

• Click HERE for open positions with the Somerville Public Schools

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