THE SOMERVILLE NEWS WEEKLY SPECIAL PERSONS OF THE WEEK:Officers of Somerville Labor Coalition and Somerville Municipal Employees Association

Meet this week’s Special Persons of the Week:Officers of Somerville Labor Coalition and Somerville Municipal Employees Association

Somerville Labor Coalition Officers:Co-Chair Thomas Ross, Co-Chair Ed Halloran, Secretary Steven Ross, Treasurer Peter Blaikie, SLC Co-founding Member Mike McGrath, SLC Co-Founding Member Jim Roderick, SLC Co-Founding Member Terri Mederios, SLC Co-Founding Member John Aufiero and SLC Co-Founding Member Gerry Reardon


Somerville Municipal Employees Association Officers:President Ed Halloran, Vice President James Roderick, Secretary Kathy Carey, Grievance Chairperson Marlene Henkle and Treasurer Kathy Henkle

These fine hard working people are on a mission to make sure that all their members are treated fairly as well as with respect. They work very long hours on their own time and many times away from their families to make sure that their mission gets accomplished.

These great members are the backbone of our city and nothing works without them. They are part of our everyday life that in many ways makes our lives better.

These great people have always been and still are on the front lines that support many charities and worthy causes here in Somerville.

Our hats are off to their true Somerville spirit!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you all for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.


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