Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Christopher MCCANN (Assault to Murder, Armed Robbery)

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, I was working for the Somerville Police dressed in full uniform. At approximately 1023 hrs, I received a radio dispatch call for a fight on Day St. While in route, I was updated by Somerville Control that there was now a victim who was stabbed in the fight.

As I arrived on Day St, I was flagged down by a citizen who directed me towards an area in front of Flatbread. I observed the victim, bent slightly over holding his hand to his chest. The shirt he was wearing was blood soaked in the chest area. I immediately, jumped out of my cruiser and ushered the victim to the rear of my car, where I began to render First Aid. Upon examination, I found the victim was suffering from two puncture wounds. One in the lower front chest area and the second, in the left side of chest, just below the armpit. I applied a 5×9 gauze pad to each of the wounds and applied direct pressure to control the bleeding. As we waiting for EMS to arrive, I attempted to gather more information about the incident that led up to the fight and the stabbing. The victim refused to share any information with me, When asked, the victim stated his name was Michael. When asked for his last name, he replied “does it matter?” I asked if he knew you did this to him, he replied “Some idiot!” Again, when I tried to gather information, a description, a direction of flight, any information that would be helpful, the victim refused to answer.

While we were waiting for EMS, Officer Jean-Jacques and was able to positively identify the victim as XXXX and not Michael as he had previously stated. Officer Jean-Jacques was asked to cut the shirt off the victim, which he cut up the center of the back. When the shirt came off, we discovered a third puncture wound located inside the left bicep. That too was treated with direct pressure. Upon the arrival of EMS, XXXX was loaded on to the ambulance and transported to Mass General Hospital. The shirt removed from the victim was placed into an evidence bag by Officer Jean-Jacques and Sgt. McCarey. The area in front of Flatbread was taped off and secured and Det. Steven Jones was called into investigate.


On Saturday June 30, 2018, I was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division as D3. I responded to XX Day Street for a reported stabbing at 10:38AM. Officers D. Dottin, Jean-Jaques, Howe and Sergeant McCarey were all on scene. Please refer to the initial report completed by Officer D. Dottin for further details (18039019-1).

When I arrived on scene, the victim was in the ambulance and was ready for transport. I was able to speak with him briefly and obtain his name and date of birth. I asked the victim, now known to me as XXXX (dob-xxxx), if he knew who stabbed him and why and he stated he never saw the suspect before. As the ambulance was leaving for the Massachusetts General Hospital, I was able to confirm with the paramedic that his injuries did not appear to be life threatening at the moment and they consisted of multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen.

The scene was secured with crime scene tape by the first responding Officers and the victim’s shirt had been collected for evidence prior to my arrival by Sergeant McCarey and Officer Jean-Jaques. I took several photographs of the red/brown stains on the street and sidewalk where the assault took place. I entered the Flatbread Pizza Company located at 45 Day Street and spoke with the manager, YYYY. He allowed me to review video footage from the camera located outside the front door of the restaurant. While reviewing the footage along with Sergeant McCarey, I observed a female customer entering the business whose attention was drawn to something happening in the area of the assault. She walks back towards the area of the assault and then returns and enters the restaurant. I asked YYYY if he could attempt to locate the female and bring her to the office. While continuing to view the video, I observed a white male wearing a black t-shirt with the words Samuel Adams on the back and light colored denim shorts walking south on Day Street towards Orchard Street (10:24:06 on video). Based on the physical description provided by witnesses and his appearance on the video, I believed the suspect was Christopher McCann. I relayed this information to Sgt. McCarey who was viewing the video with me. I have had multiple interactions with McCann over the last five years and as recently as February 2018. He fit the witnesses descriptions which were put out by dispatch as a white male in his late 20’s, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing a black t-shirt and having a long beard.

Moments later, YYYY returned to the office with the female who I observed entering the restaurant. She identified herself as ZZZZ. I asked ZZZZ what she observed as she was entering the restaurant. She stated that she had just finished locking her family’s bikes to a parking meter when she heard a commotion. She observed two white males fighting in the street and the victim saying, “I got it, I’m trying to give it to you”. She stated that the fight ended up on the sidewalk in front of 49 Day Street with the male in the black shirt standing over the victim. The victim then took something out of his pocket which she believed to be money and handed it to the suspect in the black shirt. The suspect then walked towards her and she recognized him as a former neighbor, Christopher McCann. She further explained that she grew up on Kingston Street and lived several houses away from McCann for approximately 20 years.

At this point, I entered my unmarked cruiser which was parked directly in front of the restaurant. I was about to drive away when I observed ZZZZ holding a black and silver knife in her left hand as she attempted to enter the restaurant. I quickly exited my cruiser and asked her to put the knife on the ground. I put on a pair of latex gloves and secured the knife in an evidence box. ZZZZ stated that her son, JV1 found the knife in the front basket of his bicycle. He opened it and put it back into the basket where she observed it and picked it up.

I proceeded to the Massachusetts General Hospital to check on the victim’s injuries and see if he was willing to speak to me. When I entered the room, I received an update from the on duty nurse. He informed me that the victim suffered four (4) stab wounds, two to the chest and two to his left side abdomen. One of the stab wounds may have penetrated his left lung and they were concerned about possible damage to his diaphragm. They were prepping him for surgery. I asked XXXX what transpired. He said he bumped into the suspect in front of the Somerville Theater on Holland Street. They began conversing and walking and ended up on Day Street. He stated he knew the suspect for a long time. When I asked how long, he stated maybe 10 years. I asked if he knew his name and he stated Chris. I asked if he knew his last name and he said no. I asked him what happened next and he stated that McCann wanted drugs and asked him for money to get them. He told McCann he did not have any money and McCann called him a punk. The two began fist fighting on Day Street and he saw McCann pull something out of his right pocket which, he believed was a marker. They continued to throw punches and wrestle and that is when he realized he was being stabbed. The two fell onto the sidewalk in front of 49 Day Street and XXXX stated he took the money from his pocket ($43.00) and gave it to McCann. McCann took the money and walked away down Day Street towards Cambridge.

The first witness I spoke to was the reporting party, AAAA. He stated that he was standing outside the Post Office at 58 Day Street (east side of street). Approximately 50 feet away, he heard yelling and observed a male in a black shirt and a male in a grey shirt fighting. He stated the male in the black shirt threw the male in the grey shirt onto the hood of a car and the two fell onto the sidewalk. The male in the black shirt walked away towards Cambridge and the male in the grey shirt stood up and had blood on his shirt. He then called 911.

I then spoke to BBBB. He stated that he was walking south on Day Street towards the Post Office at 58 Day Street. He observed two males on the same side of the street start fighting (east side). He stated they were all over the street in the area of 49 Day Street. He informed me that the kid in the dark or black shirt (suspect) was winning the fight and had body slammed the kid in the white shirt (victim). He approached with caution and observed the fight end and the kid in the black shirt walk south on Day Street. At this point, the kid in the white shirt stood up and began yelling call 911; I think he got my lung. He told the male he was calling 911 and told him to calm down and sit down as he was bleeding.

I spoke with the final witness, CCCC. She informed me that she was parked on the west side of Day Street, several spots north of Flatbread Pizza. In her driver’s side mirror, she observed two white males fighting. They ended up on the ground behind her car. She observed one male (victim) throw money on the ground and a male wearing a black t-shirt (suspect) pick up the money and walk south on Day Street. At this point, the other male walked into the street and pulled out a cell phone. This is when witness BBBB walked over and police arrived.

At approximately 6:10PM, Sergeant Fusco and I headed to Flatbread Pizza to download the video for evidence. As we were traveling down Meacham Road, I observed DDDD walking down Kingston Street. We circled the block and as I pulled onto Kingston Street, DDD and his wife EEEE flagged us down. I approached DDDD and asked how he was doing and he stated how do you think? I asked if he knew what happened and he stated he was on his way home to call the police and hoped that I was working. DDDD and I have a good rapport from my dealings with him and Chris. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. DDDD stated that his other son called them and stated that Chris was in a fight because someone much bigger than him tried to rob him. Chris defended himself and stabbed the robber. I informed DDDD that we received conflicting accounts of the incident and that we needed to take Chris into custody. He understood and stated he would go upstairs and get him.

Chris exited the house carrying the black t-shirt he was wearing during the assault. He handed it to me and stated he saved it to show that it was ripped from the fight and that it had blood on it. I placed the shirt into an evidence bag and it will be submitted. I also observed several red/brown stains on Chris’s shorts which matched the shorts he was wearing in the video. I advised Chris in the presence of his father DDDD, not to speak about the incident any further as he had not been advised of his Miranda rights. While informing him he was being placed under arrest, Chris spontaneously uttered he tried to rob me, I didn’t know if he was going to kill me. I again advised him not to speak. I asked Chris if he had anything sharp on him before I began a pat frisk. He stated no and then said I can show you where the knife is if you want. I advised him again not to speak about the incident. DDDD offered to remove Chris’s belongings due to the blood on his clothing and removed a silver and black marker from Chris’s front left pocket along with his ID. From his right rear pocket, DDDD removed his wallet and handed it to me. Inside the wallet, I found a white piece of paper with the name XXXX and a phone number of xxxx written in black marker. The note was placed into an evidence bag and will be submitted. It should be noted that the phone number on the paper is the same phone number the victim called from when he called 911. Chris then stated that the victim even gave him his number.

At this point, Officer Ubeda arrived in the prisoner transport vehicle and McCann was transported to the Somerville Police Station where he was booked in the usual manner by Sergeant Holland. McCann is being charged with Armed Assault to Murder (CH. 265 S.18C) and Armed Robbery (CH. 265 S.17A). Once booked, I collected his shorts and sneakers and placed them into separate evidence bags.

EEEE arrived in the lobby at approximately 9:00PM to drop of Chris’s xxxxxx. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. She advised me that she was not comfortable with Chris speaking to me without legal representation.

All physical evidence collected was placed into evidence lockers. The knife and clothing, which appear to have red/brown stains on them, will be submitted for DNA analysis. The video from Flatbread was transferred to a CD and secured in an evidence locker along with the note found in McCann’s wallet.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Stephen M. Jones

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