Living Curtatone In Somerville, The Truth Revealed of Alleged Crimes Carried Out and Covered Up

By William Tauro

I sat down with a 1-on-1 interview with Barbara Curtatone who wanted to reveal 28 years of alleged criminal acts carried out by the Curtatone clan.

Barbara”Barbie”Curtatone is married to Cosmo Curtatone and she is sister-in-law to Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and South Middlesex Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone for the past twenty-eight years.

Barbara in this interview reveals many well hidden Curtatone family secrets. She reveals some even so graphic it makes your skin crawl.

She talks about how the elderly Curtatone mother is continuously abused and beaten by her daughter Registrar Maria Curtatone and son Cosmo Curtatone.

She talks about how Cosmo Curtatone in his frequent spontaneous rages beats the elderly mother with a broom, how he rips out cabinet doors, electrical fixtures in the mothers apartment and then empties drawers over the elderly mother’s head to abuse her. She even talks about recently when Cosmo Curtatone dragged the mother up a fleet of stairs while she was holding her chest and vomiting showing visible signs of a heart attack all the while her son Cosmo pulling her by her sweater right in front of police officers who just simply did nothing.

Barbara even talks about one occasion when the elderly Curtatone mother was lying in bed in the Massachusetts General Hospital just coming out of Gallbladder surgery when something triggered Registrar Maria Curtatone off then Maria jumped into her mother’s hospital bed and begins punching and brutally assaulting her elderly mother right in front of everybody in the hospital room.

She talks about how Mayor Curtatone who is aware of these horrendous beatings against his elderly mother and awful criminal acts who just sits back, brushes it off, lets it happen and goes off and continues to his day.

She even talks about how a neighbor reported these alleged abuses against the elderly Curtatone mother as well as were reported to Elder Services and to the Somerville Police Department and just swept quietly away under a rug by friends at the police department.

In the interview she talks about her over twenty-eight years where she has experienced well thought-out crimes by her husband and in-laws. She talks about the Curtatone siblings Joe and Maria Curtatone and how they plotted to rig many local elections with money laundering campaign funds in family members names, fraudulent voter registration and misrepresentation of voter resignation of falsified address on a large scale.

She talks about how Mayor Joe Curtatone and one of his administration department heads committed arson by intentionally positioning a heat gun with the trigger taped pointed to a can of chemicals causing it to explode and burn the family rental home down while later watching it burn from the Mcgrath Highway Bridge then later that night going for a boat ride the resulted in a serious boating accident using it for an alibi and then letting his elderly mother and younger brother get blamed for the fire.

She talks about how her cousin Bridget stole her brother Alex Capobianco’s Somerville Police service revolver, sells it to her drug dealer and then how mayor Curtatone and Officer Alex Capobianco falsely reported it missing from the Somerville Police Station.

She talks about how her cousin Bridget who Joe Curtatone got her the job at the Somerville Library stole committed larceny by stealing the librarians credit card.

She talks about her cousin Matthew who allegedly defrauded and embezzling from his company over $300,000 at the Massachusetts General Hospital along with a neurologist who were carrying out the crime of a large scale medical supply scandal said to be presently under investigation by the FBI.

It tells about the several times Barbara herself was stop by the FBI and questions and how her brother-in-law Joe Curtatone and sister-in-law Maria Curtatone made her involved a marital privilege status so she wouldn’t have to give up information to the FBI that would condemn them.

Barbara talks about years of domestic violence including how she walked down the aisle with her husband Cosmo Curtatone with a blackeye that he gave her the night before the wedding.

She talks about how Maria Curtatone center to court with a paralegal who wasn’t even an attorney to represent her portraying him as a legal in court.

She also talks about how Joe Curtatone and Maria Curtatone always threatened her so she wouldn’t talk about any of this.

She talks about alleged frequent cocaine used by Registrar Maria Curtatone.

She talks about how Registrar Curtatone place charges on a former acquaintance then allegedly had the records covered up by the members of the Somerville Police Department.

She even talks about how a fifteen year old boy was raped on the desk of her sister-in-law South Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone by the Registrar during a sexual relationship encounter with the underage youth.

These criminal acts have been reported to the proper law enforcement authorities and we patiently await their answers on what will be done if anything about it.

Many now are urging Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and his sister South Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone step down amid these criminal accusations against them.

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19 thoughts on “Living Curtatone In Somerville, The Truth Revealed of Alleged Crimes Carried Out and Covered Up”

  1. I know for a fact the disgraced ex detective family member of the mayor is a junkie and theif and has been arrested many times for posession with intent and trafficking and yet never gets in much trouble…

  2. So if indeed these allegations are fact then why not pass it on the the eye team investigative reports or other news channels. That would certainly get the ball rolling now wouldn’t it.

  3. I think Barbara Curtatone is full of crap. If these allegations were true they never would have gotten away with this. She is an absolute idiot with a heroin addicted daughter who she abandoned many years ago. She is a liar and a complete piece of trash. Don’t believe a word out of her mouth. Her daughter has a criminal record a mile long, takes every pill known to man and is on Social Security Disability at the tender age of 23 yrs old. This tells you who “Barbie” really is. Anyone who believes this garbage has some serious head troubles. What a freak.

    1. Nice try but we beg to differ and if you had any credibility whatsoever you would use your real name and not hide cowardly behind some fictional name

      1. No one is hiding Pal. Somerville News Weekly you are full of shit. This is a bunch of bull. No one believes this crap. Read the rest of the comments. She is a wack job. Everything I wrote is the absolute truth. The reason I am staying anonymous is none of your concern. You actually think the public believes this freak married a man who gave her a black eye the day before her wedding? Do you think people believe that Cosmo dragged his elderly mother downstairs while vomiting and having a heart attack and nothing was done. No one called the Police. Barbie just watched. This tells you right there she is a FREAK!

        1. Anonymous, again you’re a coward and a just another Curtatone hack trolling the internet especially for not coming forward with your real identity instead hiding behind your screen name. Makes one wonder if this is Joe Curtatone himself?

  4. I worked with Marie on her campaign for mayor against Mike Capuano. Because of the seriousness of these allegations, and because I am in no position to judge their veracity, I will not comment on whether I believe they are true or not. HOWEVER, I would like people to know that her mother was devoted to her and her candidacy. There were times during bad weather when all that was visible of the Curtatone campaigning was the figure of her mother clutching a sign standing alone. On one occasion I joined her. My heart goes out to her, for even if this story is exaggerated or untrue in places it is shameful that such a woman in her final years should endure what would only remotely resemble events described in this article.

  5. I remember the fire on mcgrath,they had a barn there they wanted to tear down to develop it almost right next to my tux…The city told them no multiple times and the final time hey look at that it burned….A close friend of mine was one of their Tennants years prior…A lot of skeletons in their closet…..

  6. Vile bs and the fake FBI investigations. You are so jaded your screams are like Lizzie Warren.

  7. If you disagree than get the police reports and the court records and put them on here it is public records

  8. I find all of these allegations to be a bunch of tabloid bs. Doesn’t even sound close to the Curtatone family I know. Do you really think the entire Somerville police department would conspire to cover up the abuse of an elderly woman? Seriously? It disturbs me more to read these fabricated lies than the alleged acts themselves. Just quit the jealously once and for all.

    1. you dont need an entire departmant you just need the working ranks to be afraid.Afraid of their bosses who are dirty cops ! With the truth coming out over the past 6 months or so it looks like it is a corrupt police departmant . Just need the four or five top administraters to be corrupt. oh oh, thts right they are corrupt . Chief Falen should resign too he is a disgrace. think him and the mayor are more than buddies too. I heard they are lovers. sick. shoud put all of them in prison .

  9. all I can say is that this is a Horrible and sad Story how can you Publish this my Heart Hoes Out To The Mother and we can’t believe everything Ex say we all were not there so it’s here say prob

  10. So gross to put this trash about someone’s mother! Keep it to facts not some ex of a brother who is obviously very bitter. So pathetic to write about an elderly woman. This tabloid should be ashamed of themselves!

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