Ice Skating Rink Roofsnow Collapse, East Cambridge/ Somerville Line People Trapped

Photo:File footage

Wednesday night 6:20 pm there was a partial collapse of roofsnow that fell off the roof at the Simoni Ice Skating Rink located at
155 Gore St, Cambridge, Ma.

According to reports five pedestrians walking by were trapped and buried under the shifted roofsnow while first emergency responders, police, firefighters and DPW crews dug them out of the snow with shovels and frontend loaders for the rescue.

Somerville Department of Public Works was contacted to send over all their frontend loaders and heavy duty equipment to help in rescue efforts.

Three people were rushed to an area hospital and two were treated at the scene with non life threatening injuries.


8 thoughts on “Ice Skating Rink Roofsnow Collapse, East Cambridge/ Somerville Line People Trapped”

  1. The roof didn’t collapse. Snow fell off the roof on the walking path side of the Simoni rink and landed on the people. They were dug by two guys that work at the rink, Jimbo and Roberto.

  2. did this happen at Simoni Rink in Cambridge or Veterans Memorial Rink in Cambridge? The photo is not from Simoni.

    1. Simoni. My hockey league organizer said my game was canceled tomorrow morning so it must be pretty serious.

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