Somerville Speakup Line: We Are Somerville Important Notice

A meeting held at state house with minimal public input on the Transfer tax. Are property owners going to allow another tax by the Curtatone Administration.  Email your State Senators and Representatives by 2:00 on Thursday June 21. Tell them NO TRANSFER TAX.

We are Somerville

One thought on “Somerville Speakup Line: We Are Somerville Important Notice”

  1. I have emailed and will phone today. This process was not transparent or inclusive. The city failed to notify property owners. In Somerville, a large percentage of property owners are absentee and were uninformed about the transfer TAX. Therefore, they had no voice and no input. Had every property owner been notified appropriately, there would have been a line around the block at the public meeting. Only those who read this paper or heard by ‘word of mouth’ had an opportunity to me heard. In other words, a very small fraction of the property owners affected. The BOA were fully in support of this tax before the public hearing – evidence of their disrespect and utter disregard of the people’s position.

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