Somerville-Members Appointed to the Mayor’s Appointments Advisory Committee

Mayor Curtatone and President of the Board of Aldermen Katjana Ballantyne have announced their appointments to the Mayor’s Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC): Jennifer Blundell, Victor DoCouto, and William Durkin. The AAC will be tasked with making nonpartisan and informed recommendations for appointments to critical City boards and commissions. Members will review and select applicants based on relevant qualifications and skills and their ability and commitment to represent and serve the interests of the entire community. Members will also be required to uphold all equal opportunity standards. Following a thorough review of applicants, the AAC will present their recommendation to the Mayor, who will make the final selection and submit the final candidate to the Board of Aldermen for confirmation, as required by City Charter. The first board for which the AAC will make recommendations is the Somerville Redevelopment Authority which currently has one vacancy.

“The AAC will be a great resource to the Administration and the Board of Aldermen in ensuring that the best candidates serve on our boards and commissions while increasing the transparency in the nomination process,” said Mayor Curtatone. “The members have already shown their enthusiasm for their roles and a great seriousness of purpose.”

“Our boards and commissions play an indispensable role in making Somerville a great community,” said Katjana Ballantyne, President of the Board of Aldermen. “Somerville is fortunate to have many dedicated residents who are willing to give their time for our greater good. The AAC will play an important role in helping these bodies function effectively by identifying high quality candidates to serve our city.”

For more information, including a list of the boards and commissions for which the AAC will make recommendations, visit:

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