Mayor: Somerville’s Business Landscape ‘Has Never Been Stronger’

Mayor Joe Curtatone joined the Somerville Chamber of Commerce on May 17, for the annual Business Town Meeting – a chance to discuss growth, employment trends, development projects, and other important topics. You can watch it on YouTube.

“The business landscape in the city and the economy has never been stronger,” the Mayor remarked.

Meanwhile, the Global Center for Cleantech Innovation at Greentown Labs celebrated its grand opening this month. Greentown Labs is the largest clean-technology incubator in the United States. At the grand opening, Gov. Charlie Baker said, “This is ground zero right now for all the big thinking that’s going on in clean energy and climate solutions, right here in Somerville.”

This success “didn’t happen over night,” the Mayor writes in his Somerville Times column. “It took meticulous planning.” The community goals articulated in SomerVision which call for job growth, housing construction, enhanced open spaces, and maintaining vital neighborhoods, all work together. As the Mayor told the Chamber of Commerce, “This community’s collective efforts to think about where we want to be tomorrow is coming to fruition.”

Watch it on YouTube:

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