Update on the Update of Mysterious Oil Leaking Into Boston Harbor and Mystic River in Somerville

By William Tauro

The break in an underground Eversource transformer owned by that leaked thousands of gallons of oil into Somerville waters was found and repaired by work crews this past week. The electrical transformer leaked approximately 4,500 gallons of oil into the Mystic River and Boston Harbor all along Somerville’s waterfront.

Sources from Eversource at the scene of the worksite told us that the “Cleanup cost will be in the millions and the Department of Envirolmentle Protection (DEP) will be monitoring the cleanup efforts for the next 10 years.”

Sources Clean Harbors also told us that “All rocks, plants and surfaces along the shoreline will be cleaned, tested and monitored for years to come, but there will definitely be a long term environmental damage effect here in Somerville for years to come as well.”

Click on link below to read original article on this situation:

Update on Mysterious Oil Leak Into Boston Harbor & Mystic River

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