Somerville Speakup Line: Just Say No It Will Be Bad For Homeowners

By Judy Locchi Jacobs

“Im hearing from other residents that the state has its own separtate transfer tax imposed on home sellers as the city officials of Somerville are trying to enforce its own.

It’s become abundantly clear those in favor are waging war on the local homeowners by pushing these bills.

The other bill of concern is Right of First refusal which essentially is another name for Rent Control.

What’s important to note is that both bills are driven by the liberal transient community who don’t feel they should pay rent at market cost under Right of First Refusal (ROFR).

Unless, the town officials create their own bill— it’s been claimed on other websites which explain the bill, a nonprofit will be used be used to help them acquire a loan they would not otherwise be able to afford. What some don’t know is the nonprofit who granted the loan would take the equity the property would accrue over time. How does this help the new owner?

As it stands to date, the Board of Aldermen continue to deliberate at 4 hour long meetings on whether the bills should pass and/or how they should be written.

There is a very important meeting on April 4, at the aldermen’s chambers to discuss the Transfer Tax which I strongly encourage all homeowners to attend. Ward 5 & 6 aldermen have already sounded the alarm to their transitory tenant population so we expect there will be a full house in attendance.

Please don’t say the mayor is without blame because most of us long time locals know the man is shameless. He has done nothing to help the working class long time locals of our town.

His priorities lie with his developer friends and naive liberal residents who are clueless to the motivations of the mayor. But what do they care? Most are here for the ride— they have no long term commitment to our community or its people. Now they are coming for our families property and property of those who bought here years later when no one invested here. They stuck it out like we have through good times and bad. Why should they be forced to sell? No one should have the right to take the property of others.

The local community must understand that our way of life has been threatened for the last 10 years and counting by ultra liberal policies and gentrification.

They are picking up much speed on their deceptive tactics in hoping they can fool the unsuspecting residents, but I assure you what I am stating is the sad. hard truth.

Our city is being hijacked. We can either fight back in a peaceful manner or choose to ignore it. Either way, just know that our city will never be the same if these bills are passed as intended and taxes continue to rise.

Best of Luck to you and all seniors and working class families renting and those who own homes. These are scary times for us.

Write or email your aldermen and other representatives. Ask them to be specific on the purpose of the bills.

They promised affordable housing 10 years ago and we haven’t seen even close to the amount promised then, built. They must offer these units to others outside of our city because it’s federally mandated by HUD.

So how does their plan help our local residents who rely on affordable housing? What makes anyone believe they will deliver, when they failed to provide units promised years ago.

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  1. It doesn’t help local residents. It will be open to anyone who applies. No preference given to Somerville residents.

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