Somerville-Conway Field and Playground Update

Soil testing conducted in preparation for the proposed renovation of Conway field has revealed contamination in the soil requiring its closure. Samples taken at various locations and depths identified contamination including lead and PCBs, some of which exceeded regulatory limits. In accordance with State and federal guidelines and at the recommendation of our consultant, additional testing will be conducted. Once further testing results are available, we will work with our consultants as well as the MA Department of Environmental Protection and EPA to determine what remediation is required, and the field will remain closed until that remediation is complete.  Initial samples of the soil in the adjacent playground did not reveal contaminants exceeding regulatory limits. However, as a precautionary measure, the playground will be closed for additional testing as well. The Parks and Recreation Department is working to identify alternative field space for impacted users. Additional updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

One thought on “Somerville-Conway Field and Playground Update”

  1. A Little League field hilt on top of toxic soil… awesome. My two sons slid down the baselines hundreds of times while playing baseball at Conway between 2002 and 2014. They were covered in that toxic dirt after every game and practice, while ingesting toxic dust particles too, and while they were catching, those masks protected them from the ball, but not from the toxins being kicked up in their faces behind home plate inning after inning. Why wasn’t the soil tested the last time Conway was renovated? It must have been in the last twenty years or so, certainly since we’ve had awareness about these things. I never let my kids play football because I thought it was too dangerous and now I may have placed them in even greater danger than I ever imagined. My sons may have toxins in their bodies that are altering their cell structure and developing cancer. WTF Somerville, how could you let this happen to our children?

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