Somerville Gets More Taxes, Gets Same Results, Some Things Just Never Changes

By William Tauro

With all these new tax transfer fees and hidden taxes in and around Somerville’s City Hall’s walls, you would think at least that they would be able to fix our bridges.

This bridge that is located on McGrath O’Brien Highway and has been in the same nasty, unsafe, filthy condition for the past 25 to 30 years with no improvement other than a half-ass paint job that rusted out less then 60 days later. The gateway to our city, disgraceful!

If you ask city hall or the mayors office the question why isn’t it being fixed, they will simply tell you that it’s state property.

But let me give you a very clear message Mr. Mayor, that state property is in your city so fix it before some innocent, curious, little kid falls inside one of these many gaping holes in this bridge and gets killed because you left it in this condition because you were more worried about your silly little yuppie festivals that you throw every month on our dime.

Last year and the year before you even started a new event called the “Somerville Pity Party”? What in God’s name is that? Have you gone completely berserk especially when hosting an event like that on the taxpayers expense? If you ask me or any other text payer in the city they will agree that how you are treating us is a pity! You are out of your mind!

Grow a set of big ones and do the right thing, fix the bridges, deal with the gangs in you’re a sanctuary city, stop the drug trafficking, SOLVE Deanna Cremin’s 25 year old murder and begin to focus on things that are needed to be done around the city before worrying about renaming another one of your weird half-ass events to bullshit the people.

You were very fortunate in the last election to squeeze by, but I can assure you that 2019 will be a different story if you don’t get hauled away before then. And if I were a betting man I’d bet on the latter option!

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