Letter to the Editor:Somerville BOA FYI Cambridge City Councilors Shot Down First Right on Tuesday Night So Get It Right!

While watching the good Alderman from Ward 5 speak this evening on T.V. the BOA meeting. He discussed both issues mentioned he failed to state a fact that the first right of refusal was shot down in Cambridge.

Either he is being deceptive or maybe he has not read this newspaper since the last time he did when he questioned WHY I did not use his name when speaking about him.

The City Cambridge Councilors shot the first right down on Tuesday night. There was great opposition that protested at the meeting.

I think honesty is the best policy. We do not need to be vague about the language on any issue be specific and ensure those affected are aware of what your intent is! I will try quoting my Alderman at the first meeting of this year, the least specificity when approving the language will make it easier going forward.

I reiterate my stand on both issues that will have consequences to everyone that resides in our great City. Just the facts! Reach out to those that will be impacted and ensure they understand what the costs are.

Transparency that’s how other elected officials were motivated to change their train of thought and realized you just pick the brains of everyone to make it a feel good community.

Upon defeating both of these measures whether it affects me or not. I will continue to fight to prevent passing the buck onto one certain group to pay for the mistakes that have negatively impacted residents of our City and forced them out.

We will discuss more important issues that really need to be addressed that will have a more favorable impact to us the homeowners, bike riders, pedestrians, children, seniors, and veterans.

Fiscal responsibility along with getting back to real City business not politics and grandstanding. Not adding more burden onto the residential group of taxpayers.

John L. Sullivan

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