Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jonathan KITCHEN (Shoplifting)

On Thursday February 15 2018, I was assigned to marked unit east 2. At approximately 21:50 I, along with officer Canty in marked cruiser east 1, was dispatched to 1x McGrath Hwy, for a report of a shoplifter inside the store. While in route, dispatch stated that the suspect had exited the store and had entered a liquor store, XXXX. The suspect was described as a white male wearing a baseball hat, dark gray sweatshirt, and carrying a green laundry bag. Upon arrival, officer Canty and I made entrance to the store and located a male matching the description given in one of the aisles. When I asked him where was he coming from, the suspect started to get a little agitated. At that point the suspect, later identified as Mr. Jonathan Kitchen, was handcuffed for his and our safety. As we started to pat him down for weapons, I felt an unknown object around his genitals area. When I tried to see and take the unknown object out, the suspect pulled away. I then tried again to see what the object was and observed it to be a bottle of tequila. I shook down his pants and the bottle slid down his pants, from where it was later retrieved by partially cutting the suspect’s winter underwear.

Officer Canty then retrieved the green laundry bag the suspect was carrying, and observed that in the inside, there were multiple items belonging to the XXXX for which the suspect did not have a receipt.

I then placed Mr. Kitchen under arrest for Shoplifting By Concealment M.G.L. C. 266 S.30A/D and Shoplifting By Asportation M.G.L. C. 266 S.30A.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Ducasse, 313

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