Where It Stands Today, It’s A Waiting Game of Somerville Political Abuse of Powers Schemes Waiting To Implode

By William Tauro

Many of you are wondering why I’ve toned down the writing for a wee bit since the election. I decided to give it a rest for a little while and give justice a better chance to prevail and also to give the proper investigating authority folks a chance to let them do their job and earn their pay. So please don’t judge my temporary silence for weakness nor defeat, but consider it a strategic move for more self inflicting damage to themselves in the center ring before the final takedown. Also consider it a soon to be major victory for the people as the administration’s criminal empire comes to a close and gets shutdown once and for all.

We recently won a major part one of the battle of corruption at Somerville City Hall.

90% of that dirty cesspool of a swamp at Somerville City Hall got drained and the mayor’s’ rubber-stamping factory got put out of business.

Unfortunately we may have lost a couple good Aldermen-at-Large during the battle, and that some incumbents still need a tweak or two but you the people can fix that during the next election, but its all or none with something like this.

With the new board of alderman the mayor’s feet are now held to the fire with no more rubber-stamping and illegal schemes of the closing downs of offramp‘s and elimination of parking to extort business owners or doing anymore stupid shit like that ever again.

As for the criminal complaints that were originally taken out with the Somerville Police Department on the mayor and his co-conspirators, we are still moving in a forward motion to prevail. Even with the Massachusetts Attorney General who tried to simply washed them away after noticing that the complaints involved her friend the mayor and even after they were reported to her office after three times and rejected without any state investigation, we will prevail.

But then again when the original complaints were filed with the Somerville Police Department, the message was immediately sent informing them that we didn’t trust the Somerville Police Department senior official’s ability for a fair investigation because of a conflict of interest that Mayor Joe is their boss.

The message was sent informing them that we did not trust in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s on their ability because of a conflict of interest in handling the case for that she was from Somerville, works with the Somerville Police command staff and she’s good friends with the mayor. We even have photos of the two dancing and giggling together at a Somerville event.

And lastly the Somerville Police were also informed that there was no trust in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s ability to investigate these cases because of even with the criminal complaints being filed on the mayor and his co-conspirators and all the overwhelming evidence against them this Attorney General herself still hosted a political fundraiser for the Mayor in the city and supported his causes.

We then immediately informed the Somerville Police that we will cooperate one hundred percent under our terms and invited them, the District Attorney as well as with the Attorney General to a joint session spearheaded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the with the Massachusetts Inspecter General’s Office under the supervision of the Massachusetts US Attorney’s Office in hearing all the complaints.

To many, this is a very serious situation where this corrupt Mayor and administration affected so many lives of so many people and businesses within the city of Somerville and beyond and that there are so many victims who came forward to speak out and willing to testify against them.

In one circumstance, the mayor along with the assistance of the now former Ward Two Alderman deliberately closed down a working, vital perfectly functional off-ramp and lower tunnel roadway in an elaborate extortion attempt to deprive traffic to certain business and property owners in a final effort to further intimidate them after the business owners refused to give into his extortionately proposals. Also after the mayor’s and the Ward Two Alderman’s criminal plot to eliminate all their parking on that road as well.

This administration and the Somerville Ward Two Alderman used their political office in aiding and abetted Mayor Curtatone in these criminal acts and depriving the business and property owners of their rights for the mayor’s own personal gain and intentions.

They failed on their attempt to take away the parking on both sides of that street, because we the property owners, business owners and this very newspaper fought back and prevailed a year prior on that particular battle.

Unfortunately for the people, the mayor prevailed by taking one side of that street’s parking out as well as closing down the offramp exit and tunnel roadways for no logical reasons what so ever. Even after the city just spent over $21 million two years ago to refurbish that now condemned-closedown offramp and roadway tunnel.

Not to mention all the business owners that the mayor tried to strong-arm and extort them to using his preferred developers or in another case sell him the property at a good deal if not he would shoot down any and all their proposals.

In one circumstance, he even told a major property owner on Broadway that “If you don’t build what I want here, you will not build f*%#ing anything!”

The Somerville Mayor still continues to be the fierce, arrogant and defiant person that he is by trying to put a squeeze on everyone he can and he essentially loves to control the media. After this article airs, we’re very sure he’s going to try to retaliate against us but we’re ready for him and his petty co-conspirators especially that other rag in town, trust me!

The mayor even also attempted to recently during his election to contact our sponsors and threatening them not to support and run their ads with us.

He even had city departments discontinue sending us their city Legal ads to our paper as well to try to quiet us down.

We thank the many sponsors who didn’t chicken out , that held on with us during the election and for the long haul. You put your trust in us and didn’t run scared due to threats or politically motivated conflict involvements, and we thank you!

But don’t be fooled by this cowardly mayor’s tactics. We will not falter nor cave into his cowardly schemes. We are self funded here at The Somerville News Weekly so that translates to “We can’t be bought!

We sincerely cherish and appreciate your business tremendously, but we are not for sale and we will never be swayed nor persuade changing our stories or not report something because you disagree with it. That just wouldn’t be right nor fair to the tens of thousands of our readers who depend on us to explore and investigate these imperfections within system that unfortunately are real and plagues our city. If you side with him, well then maybe your part of the problem.

I write what I feel is right and I write who I want to write about especially if they’re abusing the system and cheating the people of Somerville and no one can change me reporting the true facts that we unveil and that’s just the way it is.

Our opinions and beliefs here are always in the best interest of the people of Somerville.

In another devious and one of many political plots, he used the Somerville seniors as political leverage to benefit his election numbers. This Mayor in reality stole the election from the Somerville voters by elaborate political plots to discourage some voters to come out and vote.

The well over five hundred plus loving seniors that reside at the Clarendon Hill Towers, people who put their trust into this Mayor many saw right through him and were also discouraged and deprived in casting their votes this past election. The mayor at the last moment changed the voting facility location from a street away to over now five blocks away discouraging the seniors from traveling that day to vote.

This Mayor also intentionally influenced the right people to deliberately disable the senior’s complex shuttle bus that they have used in every election just about to now not leave the premises that election night.

It was a cold rainy election day and the seniors could not walk to the new polling location that this mayor transferred everything to go so, almost all them couldn’t vote that day especially without their shuttle bus.

This mayor is even juggling around Somerville Councle on Aging event venues that we have been hosting for years in certain venues locations across the city to prevent the seniors from talking to us and finding out any updates on him as the case progresses.

Somerville seniors should speak up and demand that they should not be singled out nor deprived from attending certain monthly events that we and Somerville’s yacht club have been hosting for the seniors at the yacht clubs own expense.

The mayor is intentionally blocking them from attending these events that we have assisted in sponsoring with Somerville’s only yacht club function facility on the water for many years at Assembly Square! Shameful of the mayor to pull this kind of petty stunt on our loving seniors.

Then on November 7th 2017, the election came and went. A major upset occurred and Mayor Joe Curtatone was re-elected a seventh term with an overwhelming victory.

Public corruption via official use of public office for personal gain is a crime.

These nulls of cases have to be seriously dealt with and to set the bar and making examples.

His two aldermen candidates straws that he threw into the aldermen race aka “Potential Rubber Stamp Plants”, were voted off the island along with two more incumbent veteran ward aldermen. But then again we’re very confident now that the Mayor will find them all high-paying city jobs on the payroll as he usually does.

This case is presently still under investigation as of January 2018 with the proper authorities.

As the Federal Government continues to investigate and takes a closer look beneath all the sugarcoating and through all the foggy mirrors, hopefully they’ll see remnants of what Mayor Joe and his co-conspirators have done to deceive the public and the many of thousands of people of Somerville who trusted him.

Even though he may not be doing things at this minute, we’re praying that the authorities will please dig deep into his past so much overwhelming evidence available and so many people willing to put their hand on the Bible.

This corrupt mayor’s and his politically corrupt clan’s and co-conspirator’s days are numbered before they will have to face and fess up to their dirty political deeds that put themselves and personal gain before the people who trusted them, the people of Somerville.

Stan the Scam-Artist DPW Commissioner’s days are numbered as well before the people’s voice’s speak up and tell their many documented stories on his corruption and illegal stunts that he thinks that he got away with.  He still doesn’t realize what else we know like how he overnight in the privacy of his office illegally changed the occupancy certificate on a Central Street apartment building that he once owned (A new news story in itself) from 11 units down to 9 units. He did this so the lien holding bank that foreclosed on it at the time wouldn’t be able to sell it to other interested buyers after he, the Comish, tried to buy it back to himself and his co-conspirators again after the foreclosure and bankruptcy. Luckily the bank refused to negotiate and fall prey with him again. But like we said, this is a new news story in itself.

Maybe now the mother of that Navy Seal veteran firefighter candidate who took his own life over one of Stan’s $10,000 white envelope firefighter’s illegal entrance-fee scams will finally get justice.

As far as for the crooked police captain aka  “Crooked Captain Coverup” who has been covering up most of all the investigations for the past fourteen years will finally step forward and confess up on his dirty deeds.

But at least we can say that it’s nice to see that we heard that he finally quietly, and we repeat quietly put in for his retirement papers then withdrew the action immediately and all under the radar screen. We wonder why all of a sudden what caused this? But it’s nice to know that he’s gonna try to save his crooked ass and his valuable pension to do anything that he has to do no matter what.

As a matter fact this past week he also became the new head of the detective bureau in Somerville. Isn’t it amazing that the crooked captain king of coverups gets to now investigate his own criminal complaints that were placed against him with the Somerville Police Department. This is so unbelievably amazing, and only in Somerville shit like this happens.

So defined in simple English, this crooked captain is now totally in charge of the ongoing Somerville Police investigations including the extortion and racketeering investigation on his own criminal case, on the mayor’s, on Stan-the-Scam Dpw Comish’s, on the other Co-conspirators, on the infamous “Somerville Dpw Overtime Scandal” investigation that started the ball rolling and everything else that goes with it, all of Scam-Stan’s illegal tampering of all the water bills for his own personal gain as well as on the Cremin’s murder case. God help us!

We still think very highly of and respect the current Somerville Chief of Police and the new Board of Aldermen, but maybe they all should definitely sit back and really consider to rethink this one out, yeah think?

On a better note, and if I were a betting man, I would’ve bet that Stan-the-Scam-Artist  would’ve been the first one to run for the cheese, but instead it looks more like the crooked captain beat him to the wire, but who knows it might be a tide.

Who knows, they may even use the mayor’s cousin Alex’s counterfeiting case that’s pending in Cambridge and his newest drug trafficking charges in Wakefield as new bargaining chips to takedown the mayor now and save their pensions, but who knows because Alex may now be the new missing link and key to getting his cases bargained as well to save his own sorry ass? But like I said, who knows because anything is possible in Somerville.

As far as it goes far the Cowardly Brown Lion Repair Garage Foreman at the DPW and the two accomplices that publish that other newspaper, well “guilty by association and participation” that’s what accomplices usually get.  We just can’t wait because for this to pop because our front pages are waiting for them in living color!

This Mayor has demonstrated many motivations of elaborate political corruption and has acted in a careless and self-serving manner. He acted more as a political terrorist harming businesses and property owners instead of working and guiding them in the best interest of the taxpayers and residents of the City of Somerville.

Instead he tried to destroy them through using the powers of his office that he so highly abused and he must be held accountable for his selfish and self serving criminal acts.

Mayor Joe Curtatone could have been one of America’s greatest mayors. He was young he was bright. He was energetic and his heart was in the right place at one time. When big developer’s big money deals came into the city, Joe got greedy and he let the greed takeover his better self.

George Orwell once quoted “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices!”

So after all this excitement over the past year or so it’s nice to take some time off while waiting for the other shoe to drop also known as the calm before the storm!

There are so many people just waiting to put their hand on the Bible and tell their stories while looking these crooks right in the eyes and we will bring you there when it happens.

Just recently this past week, Hallandale Beach Florida Mayor Joy Cooper was arrested on 3 felony charges.

She was the city’s first elected mayor who surrendered after an undercover FBI investigation for something far less of a fraction of crime of what this our Somerville mayor has been accused of and has done. So yes it takes time but will happen.

With all this overwhelming evidence and true witness testimony, it just makes you wonder why no one has been arrested as of yet and especially with all these allegations? You just can’t make this shit up!

Be prepared for my “Draining the Swamp Continues Part II,  Taking no Prisoners and New Residents Check In at Danbury Connecticut Federal Prison Facility” coming sooner than you think!

All the best, so be patient, live your lives, grab some popcorn with some cold brews and keep your fingers crossed with ours because this is unfortunately bad in a sense but very real and a must to correct the problem and its coming,


Billy T

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  1. The only way real justice can be served is if these crimes are blessed by the highest priests. Otherwise, it’s not going to go anywhere.

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