Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Romel ABRAHAM (Shoplifting)

On January 27, 2018, I (Officer Joseph Moreira) was in full uniform operating marked cruiser 782.  At 10:59 A.M., I was dispatched to 4xx Somerville Ave. XXXXX, for a report of a shoplifter. Officer Matt Khoury was also dispatched as backup. Once on scene, store management had just stopped a male party at the store exit, that was observed concealing merchandise in his backpack. This party was identified as Mr. Romel Abraham ( XXXX).  Management had been observing Mr. Abraham throughout the store as they recognized him from a past shoplifting incident. I was able to watch video footage of Mr. Abraham quickly putting numerous frozen items into his backpack. Mr Abraham continued to shop and proceeded to checkout. He then went to the register and paid for a few items that were still remaining in his cart. After paying for some items (receipt available). He continued to walk past the register and towards the front door. At this point, Mr Abraham was stopped by management. He was escorted to the managers office. Once in the office, I requested Mr. Abraham to have a seat, as he was leaning forward to sit down,  a bag of frozen shrimp fell out of his backpack that was slung over one shoulder. According to the receipt that Mr. Abraham possessed from the items he paid for, the frozen shrimp was not paid for.  Mr Abraham and his bag was searched for other unpaid items. A total of (3) bags frozen shrimp , (3) packages of scallops, (2) packages of mussels, (2) cotton swab jars were located on Mr. Abraham and in his backpack.  These items totaled $121.09.

Mr. Romel Abraham was placed under arrest for 266/30A/S – Shoplifting by asportation over $100.00. He was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters by unit 200 and booked by Lt. Lavey. All items were returned to Market Basket. A receipt of the items shoplifted will be attached to this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira

Patrolman #320

Somerville Police Department

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