Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Christopher CARREIRO (B&E Person in Fear, Larceny from Building, etc.)

On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018, I (Officer Devin Schneider) was in full uniform, while assigned to marked cruiser East-1 during the 8am-4pm shift. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed, as they pertain to incident #18004455:At 8:41am, I was dispatched to xx Lincoln Avenue, apartment #x, for a report of a male trying to break into a residence. The dispatcher gave a description of the suspect as a white male, wearing a green jacket, hooded sweat shirt, and carrying a dufflebag. While responding to the scene, Officer Steve Johnson (unit TR-4) advised over the radio that he was in the area of Lincoln Avenue. A short time later, Officer Johnson advised over the radio that he had located the suspect in the back yard.

I arrived on scene within two minutes, along with Officer Justin Buswell (East-4), and Officer Michael McCarey (East-3). We made our way into the back yard of xx Lincoln Avenue, where we located Officer Johnson and the suspect, on opposite sides of a chain link fence. The suspect was wearing clothing consistent with the description given out  by the dispatcher. Officer Johnson had handcuffed the suspect to the fence, to prevent the suspect from fleeing. Officers jumped to the other side of the fence, where Officer Buswell and I handcuffed the suspect with his hands behind his back, in a manner consistent with our training (double locked).

The suspect was identified as Christopher Carreiro, via his M.A. state issued ID card. Carreiro was wearing gloves, and carrying a dufflebag bag. Inside the duffle bag was a crowbar, facemask, and orange handled emergency window breaking tool. I know, based upon my training and experience, that burglars will wear gloves in order to prevent finger print evidence from being left at the scene of the crime, and wear a mask to conceal their identity. Additionally, I know, based upon my training and experience, that the crowbar and window breaking tool are instruments that burglars will typically utilize to facilitate forcing entry into homes. A black Dewalt tool box containing a pneumatic nail gun, and a Dewalt corded power drill were also discovered in the dufflebag. Carreiro made a statement to Officer Buswell about stealing the Dewalt tool from the shed in the back yard (see Officer Buswell’s supplemental report.)

I made my way to the apartment, where I spoke with the victim: XXXXX. I observed that XXXXX was visibly upset and shaking while I spoke to her. I learned the following information from XXXXX’s statements to me:

XXXX was home with her xxxxxxxxxx, XXX, when she heard someone knocking loudly at the front door. Not expecting anyone, XXXXX did not answer the door. She then heard someone walk to the back door of her first floor apartment. XXXXX states that she could hear someone forcefully wiggling the back door handle while banging, as though they were trying to force the door open. XXXXX hid from view, and was able to glimpse the side profile of the suspect through a window. The suspect then walked around the side of the house (East), where he stood on top of the steel cellar door to access the side window. XXXXX hid from view as she called the police, and stated that she could hear the window creak as the suspect tried, unsuccessfully, to force it open.

I located the aforementioned shed in the back yard of xx Lincoln Avenue. The shed was attached to the main structure, and was unlocked. Inside the shed was another Dewalt box, similar to the one we had located. Officer Buswell brought the drill and nail gun to XXXXX, who stated that the tools belonged to her father, XXXXX, who lived in the second floor apartment. XXXXX called XXXXX and described the tools to her father, who confirmed that the tools belonged to him.

Carreiro was transported back the police station in prisoner transport unit-200, operated by Officer Eddie Soares. Carreiro was booked in the usual manner by the Commanding Officer: Lt. William Rymill. Officer Soares informed me that he overheard Carreiro during his phone call, making a statement that he was arrested while the back yard. The booking area is video and audio recorded. The dufflebag, Dewalt tools, crowbar, window hammer, gloves and mask were all entered into evidence.

I will be filing the following charges against Christopher Carreiro:

-Ch. 266 / S. 1: Breaking and Entering in the Daytime, Person in Fear

-Ch. 266 / S. 20: Larceny From a Building

-Ch. 266 / S. 49: Possession of Burglarious Tools

-Ch. 274 / S. 6: Attempt to Commit a Crime (Breaking and Entering in the Daytime, Person in Fear)

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295

Somerville Police Department

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