Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Matthew CALLAHAN (Property Defacement, Resisting Arrest, Marijuana Possession)

On Saturday,  January 20, 2018, I Officer John Howe was on duty for the Somerville Police Department assigned to west 6.

At approximately 940pm, I along with West 7 Officer Sergio Costa were dispatched to the rear of XXXXX located at 3XX Highland Ave for a report of a male wearing a gray hat , red bandana and a camo colored backpack spray painting a dumpster at the rear of the building.  Upon arrival I observed the dumpster which appeared to be freshly painted with black a red spray paint.

I advised west 7  Officer Sergio Costa to speak with the reporting party identified as who was observing the unidentified male party spray painting the dumpster from across the parking lot in her black Honda Pilot.  Ms. XXXXX did not want to leave her contact number when requested by Officer Costa.  I advised Officer Costa I would be searching for the suspect in this incident on the bike path heading towards Willow Ave.  While driving down the bike path in my marked police cruiser I observed a male matching the description attempting to jump a fence to get off the bike path.  I pulled up next to the male matching the description identified myself as a police officer an ordered him to stop.  At this point he looked at me and fled running down the bike path towards Davis Square.  I backed up my cruiser and observed him falling down on the bike path.  I exited my cruiser and ordered him to stop again, at this point he got up and again fled down a steep embankment on the side of the bike path I pursued him on foot calling Somerville control to advise them I was in a foot chase.  The male then fled down a set of stairs to a business parking lot on Whipple Street where he again tripped and fell.  At this point I tackled the male  who was still resisting on the ground on his back with clenched fists.  I ordered him to turn over several times in which west 5 Officer Justin Buswell arrived on scene and we were both able to handcuff the male suspect and take him into police custody.  Officer Sergio Costa arrived on scene at the parking lot to assist with the arrest.

While searching his person incident to arrest we were able to locate an Ma. I.D in which the male was identified as Matthew Callahan dob XXXX.  A search of his backpack turned up a can of Rust-Oleum black flat spray paint and a clear glass jar containing in my estimate an excess of over 2 ounces of marijuana. I observed black and red marks on Callahan’s hands which appeared to be the remnants of spray paint.  I requested 200 mobile detention unit to my location from Somerville dispatch.


Officer Difava arrived on scene in the mobile detention unit 200 to transport Callahan and was booked in the usual manner at the station  by Sergeant Isidoro.  While at the station I attempted to verify the weight of the marijuana taken into custody.  My attempts trying to locate a scale to weigh the marijuana were negative due to a scale being unavailable.

Respectfully submitted ,

Officer John Howe # 286

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