Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Richard BARBOSA (Firearm Carry, Poss Large Capacity Firearm; Clinton, Southboro, & Cambridge Warrants)

On December 20, 2017, I, Officer Bork, was patrolling area East 1 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 03:45, I was conducting a directed patrol in the area of the Capuano School. At roll call that evening we were directed to conduct a saturation of patrols in that area due to the recent MV B&Es that had been occurring in that area. Our weekly crime bulletin put out by our crime analysis unit had noted the multiple MV B&Es that were occurring in that area. (Specifically bulletin # 171219, which has been attached to this report.)

At 03:45, I was driving north on Glenn Street, when I saw a male in a dark gray hooded sweatshirt look back in my direction, and upon seeing the cruiser darted behind a motor vehicle in front of 1XX Glenn Street. I drove up to the individual who then stepped back out onto the street towards the cruiser and asked me directions on how to get to Quincy Station. I told him that Quincy Station was not nearby and nodded at me and continued walking. I noticed that the male was holding various documents and cables in a ripped black trash bag in his left hand, and was attempting to conceal it from me. At this time, I stopped the male party and called into dispatch for a suspicious male party. East 4, Officer Ruf, responded.

During our conversation, the male identified himself as XXXXX with a DOB of XXXXX. I then asked what all the paperwork he was carrying was for, and he stated it was “for his music business”. I then asked if I could look at the papers he was holding and he willingly handed them over to me. One of the documents was a title for a motor vehicle belonging to a YYYYY out of 1XX Gilman Street. There were also additional documents containing YYYYY name and address. When I asked XXXXX why he had that document, he stated that he was holding it for a friend. When I asked him a second time why he had it he stated “Ill be honest I found it in a backpack somewhere over there”, pointing towards the direction of the Capuano School.

I returned to my cruiser and ran XXXXX with a DOB of XXXXX through CJIS, which was not coming back to any individual. I asked XXXXX for his DOB again, he hesitated, and then told me it was ZZZZZ. A query through CJIS with this name and DOB did come back to an individual.

I then ran the VIN number off of the title that I found on XXXXX, which came back to a gray Honda Odyssey MA Reg. XXXXX, belonging to YYYYY out of 1XX Gilman StreeT.  I then called dispatch to send a unit over to Gilman Street to check on that motor vehicle. East 3, Officer Prophete, and East 2, Officer O’Donnell, responded to the area and found that motor vehicle unlocked, and rummaged through. Please refer to Officer Prophete’s supplemental for additional information.

Due inconsistencies in XXXXX’s statements, possession of stolen property from a motor vehicle that appeared to have been broken into, I placed XXXXX under arrest in the usual manner for:  ch 266/16/D B and E of a Vehicle Nighttime for a Felony and ch 266/60/A Receiving Stolen Property.

During the search incident to arrest, Officer Ruf discovered a loaded black 9mm Taurus firearm with one extended magazine containing 5 9mm rounds in XXXXX’s left lining pocket of his outermost jacket. Please refer to Officer Ruf’s supplemental report for additional information.  Photos of the firearm have been attached to this report.

Immediately after the firearm was located, I read XXXXX his Miranda rights from a card that I keep on my person. XXXXX acknowledged that he understood his rights, and refused to talk to us any further.

XXXXX was transported by Unit #200, Officer Driscoll, to Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. DeOliveria.

XXXXX was additionally charged with:

269/10/J Carry Without License, Firearm

269/10/EE Carry With Ammunition, Firearm

269/10/AA  Firearm Possess Large Capacity

Sgt. Perrone, Ofc. Ruf, and I then conducted a follow-up at 1XX Gilman Street #X. Mass. Reg. XXXXX was located in front of XX Gilman Street. The vehicle was unlocked, the glove box was opened, and various items were scattered throughout the vehicle. Photos of the vehicle have been attached to this report, and due to not being able to make contact with the owner, a note was left for the owner of the vehicle (Ref. #170176502)

After XXXXX was booked, it was discovered that he provided a false name during the booking process. He was able to be identified as Richard Barbosa DOB: XXXXX, and will be additionally charged with ch 268/34A Furnishing a False Name.

Three additional warrants were also located for Barbosa.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christine Bork #327

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