Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Quentrie FAMILIA (Larceny Over, Resisting, False Name/ Brookline Warrant)

On December 21, 2017, I , Officer Joseph Moreira, was in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser East 1. At 10:06 A.M., I was dispatched to 779 McGrath HWY for a report of a shoplifter.  Dispatch advised me that the male party is  described as a black male wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt.  Officer Khoury who was in marked cruiser East 4 was also dispatched to this location as backup. As I arrived on location,  I observed Stop & Shop loss prevention agent XXXX restraining a black male with no shirt on the ground outside the main entrance. I exited my cruiser and had the male party stand up and handed him his sweatshirt that was on the ground. This male party gave the name YYYYY (YYYYY). I asked Mr. YYYY to put his sweatshirt back on due to us being directly in front of a grocery store main entrance and the frigid temperature.  Mr. YYYY refused to do put his cloths back on. Mr. YYYY removed a large reusable shopping bag full of personal hygiene items from the store and did not make any attempt to pay for these items. At this time I asked loss prevention for a total value on the items that Mr. YYYY removed from the store. Mr. YYYY repeatedly asked me to just take him to jail. I requested that we enter the loss prevention office to speak about the matter at hand. I requested that Mr. YYYY put his shirt back on so that we could enter the building. After a few attempts he complied and put his shirt back on. While we walked through the vestibule towards loss prevention , Mr. YYYY became upset and removed his shirt again. At this time I told Mr. YYYY to put his hands behind his back and is being placed under arrest. Mr. YYYY began to tense his arms and attempted to walk passed me and out the front door.  Both myself and Officer Khoury grabbed each one of his arms in an attempt to place handcuffs on him. Mr. YYYY actively resisted our efforts , by pulling his arms away and tensing his muscles,  and I was forced to use a wrist lock to gain control of Mr. YYYY arms.  Once Mr. YYYY was handcuffed he was escorted to the loss prevention office to wait for the prisoner transport unit(200).

The total value of the items was $415.2. A copy of the receipt will be attached to this report.

Mr. XXXX was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters by Officer Rivera in unit 200. I will be charging Mr. XXXX with the following:

266/30 – Larceny over$250

268/32B – Resisting arrest

During the booking process the name given by the defendant was XXXXX ( XXXX). No record was found in CJIS. A iii ( interstate identification index) search was conducted with the information given.  The name Quentrie Benjamin Familia XXXX appeared as a result of the search. Mr. Familia also has a Massachusetts drivers license was also located with this name and picture.  Mr Quentrie B. Familia also had an active warrant for his arrest from Brookline District Court.

Mr. Familia will also be charged with:

268/34A – Furnishing a also name or social security number.

Security video footage was requested of the incident and will be attached if available.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira

Somerville Police Department

Patrolman #320

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