Real Life Somerville Police Stories:George HANSON (Distribute Class D, PWID Class D)

On Monday January 18, 2016, I was in full uniform operating fully marked unit 876. At approximately 4:15 P.M., I was traveling East on Elm Street and came to a complete stop at a cross walk to allow a pedestrian cross. This cross walk is located directly in front of 247 Elm Street in the City of Somerville. As I waited for the pedestrian to cross, I witnessed what I believed based on my training and experience to be a hand to hand street level drug transaction. I observed an older male, later to be identified as Mr. George Hanson pass a golf ball sized clear glassine baggy containing a green leafy substance, that I believe is marijuana to two male parties. They were identified as XXXXX and YYYYY. After observing Mr. Hanson pass the marijuana to XXXXX, I then witnessed XXXXX hand Mr. Hanson an unknown amount of folded money in a discrete fashion. It was at this time I pulled my cruiser over to the side of the road and exited to engage in a conversation with these three individuals.


During my conversation with these three individuals, I asked each person for identification. Both XXXXX and YYYYY provided me with their information without issue. When I asked Mr. Hanson to provide me with identification, he told me ” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to break any laws I’m just trying to help a friend out”. After multiple request I was able to obtain Mr. Hanson’s information. I then asked XXXXX to produce the item that he just purchased from Mr. Hanson, he produced the golf ball sized bag of marijuana.


Once I recorded each person’s information, I returned back to my cruiser to run them through CJIS for warrants and to check their BOP. In the few seconds it took me to walk to my cruiser, Mr. Hanson walked away and entered into the Burren, a local bar, and sat on a stool and continued to drink his beer. I then entered the bar and explained that I needed him to stay where I can see him because he is being detained during my investigation. Mr. Hanson then became frustrated with my presence, at this time Officer Torres had arrived on scene. Once Mr. Hanson saw the second police cruiser in the area, he stated ” you guys are going to put me out of business” . At this time I made the decision to place Mr. Hanson under arrest for Distribution of a Class D Drug- Marijuana. After a search of Mr. Hanson backpack 15 additional individual bags of marijuana along with 4 rolled marijuana cigarettes were located. Mr. Hanson also had $452.00 on his person, this money was divided in three separate folded groups. The first fold was (3) $20 bills, second fold (6) $20 bills, and the third fold consisted of (1) $100 (2) $50 (3) $20 (2) $5 (2) 1 dollar bills. Dividing this amount of cash based on my training and experience is also consistent with street level drug transactions are the proceeds of separate transactions. After locating these items in Mr. Hanson’s backpack, I read him his Miranda Warning from a card and asked him if he wanted to tell me where he purchased this large amount of marijuana, but he declined.


I returned to speak with both XXXXX and YYYYY about what had happened. They both told me that they had just met Mr. Hanson and were trying to buy some marijuana from him. They told me they purchased the marijuana for $60 from Mr. Hanson. After confiscating the marijuana and obtaining their pertinent information they were sent on their way.


Mr. Hanson was transported by Officer Rivera in unit 200 back to the Somerville Police Station. Mr. Hanson is being charged with the following : 94C/32C/A for Distribution of a class D drug, and 94C/32C/C Possession with the intent to distribute a class D drug.


Once I returned to the station I was able to weigh the bags of marijuana totaling 100.5 Grams/3.589 Ounces of Marijuana. The $452 in cash was seized and placed into evidence


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Joseph Moreira

Patrolman #320

Somerville Police Department



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