It Must’ve Been a Big Pothole in Somerville, Firetruck Loses Front Wheel on Broadway

By William Tauro

The front balljoints of a Revere firetruck snapped as the apparatus was being delivered to Somerville’s Broadway Brake Repair Shop for service early Friday morning.

We spoke to a manager at the Broadway Brake Service that’s located on Broadway in Somerville who told us that “The truck was being delivered to the repair shop when all of a sudden the front balljoints snapped causing the front wheel to fall off.” He further stated the “Luckily it wasn’t on a call.”

We also spoke to a mechanic who was driving by in traffic who stated “It’s hard to believe that any fire department would let their firefighters risk their lives by letting anybody drive a vehicle in that condition that it is so beyond repair and that far gone that could cause a fatal accident.”

He also stated that “By the obvious look of the frontend failure damage, it shows that the city of Revere doesn’t maintain their vehicles properly and preventive maintenance is probably not their top priority nor in their preventive maintenance calendar schedule.”

No injuries were reported.

2 thoughts on “It Must’ve Been a Big Pothole in Somerville, Firetruck Loses Front Wheel on Broadway”

  1. There is a common denominator here……not sure if the city should be taking a hit….. research.

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