Letter to the Editor:Villenous’s Take on Somerville

There are 279 home and business owners fighting eminent domain in Union Square. Some have been intimidated to sell and only received 30-40% of its true value.

The Greater Boston segment focused on the fact a lottery had a ratio of 3,400 applicants for 35 affordable apartments.

Somerville officials are not going to fight for the working class families who will become displaced.

The issue many refuse to face is GREED and unbridled gentrification. It’s not about Cambridge as much as it’s become a deeply corrupt system of pay to play with the mayor of Somerville and all the back room dealing, lack of transparency or willingness to hear valid concerns of residents who should be able to remain and not be continually driven out by increased property taxes just because monied millennials need bedrooms, coffee shops and bike paths.

When you are only catering to one segment of the population, that is not a democracy, it’s fascism.

GLX will only serve to further displace more working families and elderly. The neighborhoods which will be on the periphery are low income housing.

The media does not tell the whole story. It is collaborating with the ambitious self serving mayor and extreme liberals who are only concerned with themselves and how much they can pimp out our properties.

Those who speculate are mostly out of town, not locals. The landlords are paying over $9,000 annually on taxes for a 3-family. The water is about $3,500 annually, repairs ongoing and contractors can name their price.

It’s been a war between the have and have nots. Many have real jobs close to home and cannot afford to move. Does anyone get that, do they even care?

If no affordable units are built, will the market sustain 230,000 luxury condos when Wall Street decides to tank the economy again?

Will the spoiled liberals work service jobs when working class are all driven out?

Here comes San Francisco part II

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