Letter to the Editor:Why Isn’t the $86,000 a Year DPW Fleet Manager Ron at Work?

Photo caption “Opening of 25 new affordable units for seniors and people with disabilities at Waterworks Somerville! A great partnership to pull this together.”

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Why Is it the highly outrageously paid political hack the over $86,000 a Year DPW Fleet Manager “Ron the Bunny” not at Work?

Here he is circled in the photo (The short guy) while on the job at this ribbon cutting. Why is he even there for? What in the world is his significance even being there? We all wish that we all could get paid to take the day off from our jobs to take a bullshit photo and look important, but please not at the taxpayers expense.

I even noticed this political hack at our late brother Big Lou’s funeral last month as well. We were all there on our own time for the day to pay our respects, but no, not this hack, he was there for the day while on the taxpayers dime? Yes he was clocked in that entire day and profited off the sad day. Despicable!

He is only one of many of Curtatone’s freeloading self serving hacks that yes we the taxpayers of Somerville are hoofing the bill to support year round while we struggle.

Yes its definitely time to “Drain the Swamp” here in Somerville.

On Tuesday November 7th please vote with your brains! Please vote with your feelings! Please vote with your hearts!

Please Vote ABC, “ANYONE BUT CURTATONE” and end this bullshit!

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