Somerville Online Communication Is Needed

By Jon Curtis

The city has a variety of problems, needing cooperation from a variety of residents. It seems to me that city leaders focus on certain residents while ignoring others. It is up to residents to communicate with city leaders, and city leaders should encourage such communication.

Not all residents enjoy communicating, particularly with city leaders. We all have our preferred way of communicating, and city leaders should enable residents to communicate in as many ways as possible.

I prefer to communicate online. I want to communicate with city leaders by using the Internet. I’m happy to email city leaders and I’m happy to interact with city leaders on social websites like Facebook. I enjoy expressing my opinions online, and I enjoy getting feedback from City leaders.

I’m very interested in what citizen advisory committees are up to. But I refuse to attend evening meetings to find out what such committees are up to. I want these Committees to post what they do online, and I want to interact with these Committees online.

5 thoughts on “Somerville Online Communication Is Needed”

  1. Jon, I agree with you 100% and would like to extend that to include Alderman subcommittees, as well. I attempted to do this while serving as an Alderman, but received excuses as to why it could not be done. Streaming these meetings online and offering more than just meeting minutes for residents is the absolute least that can be done. I would also like to see Aldermen and School Committee meetings include closed captioning.

  2. Yo need to be realistic, they do not want you to know. My dealings have been giving a bunch of runarounds which only get me back to square one. Only when I work with the real workers of this city like most of the clerks at city hall do I get real help. Certainly not the higher ups except for one.

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