Letter to the Editor:Somerville Police Captain Gets Chief’s Days Off, Dodges Getting Arrested

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

After your recent article regarding Captain Cotter and that the chief of police should step up to the plate and do the right thing regarding Captain Cotter’s allegations of several crimes that he allegedly has committed including covering up police investigations aka obstruction of justice and total disregard of the definitions of “Malfeasance vs Misfeasance,” we newbies on the job have assembled to discuss this serious matter.

We have decided that I will be the one after I drew the short straw to slap the cuffs on Somerville Police Captain Cotter for his alleged political motivated coverup criminal actions and it will be me who reads him his rights and places the charges on him.

We are always the first to be reprimanded by them, our supposed mentors who are supposed to define the meaning between right and wrong if and when they think we did something wrong that they didn’t approve of but it is shameful that they were allowed to get away with all of this for so long.

But unfortunately on Friday, Captain Cotter has received suspiciously and very quietly, courtesy of Police Chief David Fallon, “Chief’s Days” off. This is another angle to slide into a form of administrative leave but in a more discretionary manor.

Just seeing this happen and reading between the lines, now we’re hoping and praying that the police chief also did the right thing according to the golden rule of law enforcement regarding the definition of “Malfeasance vs Misfeasance.”

My bet is that the chief has already set a remedy for help asking and outside source to take over the investigation due to major conflicts with our crooked mayor Joe Curtatone and his administration hopefully he did the right thing and dialed the FBI.

Let’s just wait and see if the good Captain returns on Monday and if he does you can rest assured that I picked the short straw so I will be the lucky one the slaps the cuffs on this crooked cop when I see him in the building!

You have opened everybody’s eyes over the past few months with your news articles of something that was happening every day and I can assure you that you’re not alone and that we are all behind you!

Respectfully submitted,

One of many who respects their oath

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Somerville Police Captain Gets Chief’s Days Off, Dodges Getting Arrested”

  1. Why no name of the tough officer that wrote this article. Are you afraid to put your name on this or is this not written by a police officer was it written by someone who just wants to write another piece of crap article about Mayor Curtatone! You’re a coward put your name on the article if you wrote it!

  2. seems like they should be aftaid of that regime. keeping your workers in fear of your dirty deeds can only go so far. I wonder how many of these top administrators at the SPD of sized up their retirement numbers ?? talk about cowards .

  3. Wow have the tides turned on the crooked captain. Spent 10 years investigating the cops and doing the dirty work of the mayor getting dozens of cop fired and ruining their lives most of time for nothing

    Just wondering Capt blinky if u had nothing to hide or didn’t do nothing then why did chief give u time off? I am thinking your consience tells u what you did was criminal maybe u were meeting with a lawyer or maybe went to the retirement board.

    Just to remind you if you retire and found out to do illegal stuff you can loose pens ion.


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