In Somerville Signs Don’t Vote People Do

By William Tauro

With Mayor Joe Curtatone only getting 56% of the vote in this recent past primary paints the very clear picture of what you might see in the direction that the voters will go with in the general election this coming November 7th.

Mayor Curtatone, a six term, 12 year mayor of Somerville should have at least gotten 85% to 90% of the vote last Tuesday.

Between Mayoral Candidates Payton Corbett and Ken Van Buskirk they both represented the 42% of Somerville residents who voted for change in last week’s preliminary election.

In the city with over 50,000 registered voters and to have only a little over 4,800 show up to vote is a crying shame.

People are completely fed up with the allegations of crime and corruption going on up at City Hall as well as at the Somerville Department of Public Works and especially with everything they have been getting away with over the years.

People are coming out in large numbers that want change and their demanding it right now in this election.

What’s even more disturbing is the very few Curtatone Campaign reelection signs that you see out there are only there for fear of retaliation if the refuse to do so.

We have been told by residents that these political campaign signs have been ultimately installed there mostly against those people‘s free will who fearfully work for the city in some aspect who are being intimidated by reason of their employment to put those signs in front of their homes.

We have been told that most neighbors are then confronted in privacy and trust being informed the truth that the Curtatone sign is only on their residences because they can’t afford to be fired in retaliation of putting up the mayor’s opponents sign there.

But what goes on behind that closed election curtain will hold the truth what’s in these voters minds that they want change. They want change for the better. They want change for a clean honest and respectable political-corruption-free city of Somerville beginning Election Day this coming November 7th.

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  1. It is kinda lame that only 4800 people voted. 42% of that would be 2,016 who voted against Joe. At first I figured it would just be all the readers of this paper who see the reports about Joe voting for the other guys. But that wouldn’t account for the other 2000 or so who voted against Joe. So that’s reassuring.

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