2017 Somerville Primary Election Results Sept 19

Precincts counted 21

Registered voters Total 50,849

Ballots cast Total 4,880 9.60%

Ballots cast blank 14 .03%

Mayor Joseph Curtatone 2,795 votes 57.64%

Kenneth C. Van Buskirk III   326 votes 6.72%

Payton Corbett 1685 votes 34.75%

Write-in 43 votes .89%

8 thoughts on “2017 Somerville Primary Election Results Sept 19”

  1. A decent showing for an unkown. No one really shows up for these primaries. I am still not crazy about Corbett but we really need to get Joe out of there.

  2. A decent (and surprising) showing for Payton, but underdog/ upstart candidates traditionally do well in prelims.
    Most of Corbetts voters were all riled up and voted en masse yesterday, whereas Curtatone is sure to have the lions share (I’d wager at least 70%) of the couple thousand who didn’t bother to get out for this one. The only real contest was a single SC seat, after all.

  3. These totals look funny to me. I know that where I voted the voter count at the end of the night was 900, and I believe a few had more than that, and East Somerville must have had high totals although I don’t know. If one or more precinct had about 1000 votes, how is it that the total count is only 4880? And how does the city’s unofficial count total 4903, with 33 blanks? Your tally shows 14 blanks. The city shows: Curtatone 2805, Buskirk 328, Corbett 1694.

  4. The totals you see pictured above are unofficial numbers. One would have to wait a little bit to see official results. The numbers above are correct, but do shake out a little when the tallying is completed.

    1. There are two differing ‘unofficial’ totals. How can there be different counts? And yes, they do change a little when they are deemed official, not by this much.

  5. Has anyone published a precinct breakdown yet of the results? I agree that these numbers seem odd. The Ward 1 total (shown above) is 762, and I know that the precinct where I vote had 900 votes. That is a total of 1662 in 2 precincts. The total is 4880, which means that the remaining 19 precincts had an average of 256 votes each? Doesn’t sound right to me, either.

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