Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Victor ROMERO (Disorderly)

On September 16, 2017, I, (Officer McLaughlin) was in full uniform while working in marked cruiser E-1 with my partner Devin Schneider.


At approximately 5:56pm, Officer Schneider and I were dispatched to 133A Broadway (Boost Mobile Store) for a report of an unwanted person. I learned from the dispatcher that the same unwanted person had been giving a hard time to the store clerk during the day shift next door at the Metro PCS. Officer Eddie Soares was dispatched as well.


Upon arriving to the scene, Officers met with the store clerk who was also the reporting party: XXXXX. XXXXX stated that there was male in the store wearing a white T-shirt, who was causing a disturbance. XXXXX said that the man was “clearly very drunk”. He asked the man to leave and called the police to have him removed. After hanging up the phone, the male made threats towards XXXXX, telling him that he was going to kill him. The unwanted male also made a slicing gestures with his finger on his throat, then pointed to XXXXX. XXXXX told us that he did not want the man back in the store.


The unwanted male had left prior to officers’ arrival. Officers left the store and did a search of the immediate area. Next door, at 133 Broadway (Metro PCS) officers saw a man with a white T-shirt that matched the description given by XXXXX. Officers entered the store and approached the man, later identified as Victor Romero, who was speaking with the store clerk: YYYYY. While approaching, I saw a small empty nip bottle of vodka in Mr. Romero’s hand and he appeared to be intoxicated.


Officer Schneider and I engaged with Mr. Romero by asking what had happened next door. Mr. Romero became very defensive and began moving his arms in an aggressive manner. He stated he should kick that guy’s ass for calling the police and that he didn’t do anything. Mr. Romero began to punch his own chest and started shouting that his mother had died. When Officer Schneider asked for Mr. Romero’s ID he thrashed his passport back and forth making it difficult to obtain by Officer Schneider. Mr. Romero’s gestures were so exaggerated that on several occasions his flailing arms almost made contact with officers.


When Officer Schneider advised Mr. Romero not to return to the store, Mr Romero said that he was going to go back to the store to “take him out”. He also said that he drag him out into the street. It should be noted the Metro PCS store was open for business. Of additional note, while we were interacting with Mr. Romero, several costumers had bottle necked at the entrance of the store, and were unable to access the service counter due to Mr. Romero’s ongoing tirade.


Based on Mr. Romero’s violent, reckless gestures, his verbal threats towards XXXXX, and the inconvenience being caused to costumers, Mr Romero was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. Officer Schneider handcuffed (double locked) Mr. Romero in a manner consistent with his training. I escorted Mr. Romero out the store and to the prisoner transport unit (Unit-200), operated by Officer Kevin Goulart.


While attempting to place Mr. Romero into the back of the wagon, Officer Goulart advised Mr. Romero to watch his head has he entered the wagon. Mr. Romero said that “he didn’t give a fuck” and attempted to hit his own head on the doorway of the prisoner transport unit. Officers restrained Mr. Romero to prevent him from causing harm to himself. Mr. Romero was placed into the back of unit 200 and was transported to the Somerville Police Station where he was booked in the usual manner by SGT. John Marino. 


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Mark McLaughlin Badge # 343

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