Elect Payton Corbett for Mayor of Somerville 

My grandfather was a Teamster and a truck driver, my father was a cop, but his second job was driving a truck for Boston Sand and Gravel, he was also a Teamster. Payton Corbett is a truck driver and a Teamster Union official. He is a hard working guy, one of us; he cares about the working people; please give him your vote for Mayor of Somerville. It’s about time!


Joeseph E. McCain, Ret Somerville Police Department 

One thought on “Elect Payton Corbett for Mayor of Somerville ”

  1. Payton may have jumped into the mayoral race a bit behind the eight ball, but if you feel we have had enough of the eight ball currently in the top office, vote for Payton. Time for a definite change in Somerville, and if he can make a change, make a difference it can only be better. If not, we can vote for someone else next time around. Don’t accept the status quo anymore, we can do better

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