Many residents are asking us where do we get most of our information from and why are we picking on the mayor?
The fact is that we are getting our information from people like you who are tired of the same old story and totally fed up with some elected officials and their cronies profiting on the taxpayers dime via bad business practice that was generated by greed and corruption. 
The same corruption that has been reaching into their pockets and taking advantage and abusing their powers for their own personal gain. 
People are beginning to do something about it every day by reporting something new to us to bring it to light to what’s happening and for us to share it with you. 
The good people of this city deserve better and don’t deserve the corruption that is taking over their lives in the city over the past few years. They have learned to speak up, expose the corruption and do something about it. 
You can do something about it too right behind the election curtain on Election Day!
Don’t stand for it anymore because the good people of Somerville deserve better!


“Judy, have you heard the latest. A reliable source in the city told me that attorney and former Alderman/attorney now owns the gas station property on Broadway just past Cedar Street near the Ball Square bridge. He plans to build an 11 unit apartment building and that any restrictions on building that type of building at that site will be removed courtesy of the Mayor and his cronies in due time!”

Well it turns out that this newly acquired gas station property belonging to the former Alderman/attorney that get purchased cannot “EVER” be used for an apartment building as per the zoning that it must stay a gas station in the variance permit.  

Let’s see if this attorney/Alderman via Mayor Joe gets a special favor passed and pushed through as they think they can do anything and think they’re untouchable! Wrong!
Story is still developing…


We heard that that former Somerville Alderman/attorney has purchased the gas station that is located directly next door to the Somerville DAV on Broadway.  

Let’s keep a close eye on what goes on there to see if the developer tries to develop the property into condos over there.  

We heard that the property has a lope-hole/clause in its zoning/variance that states no developments are to be built consisting of any type of apartment buildings on that property. Let’s keep a close eye on it to see if anyone tries to rubberstamp this zoning/variance to cheat the process as a special favor. 


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In these times, people need to come forward. There is nothing this mayor can do anymore to retaliate. He is going to be so highly scrutinized, he wouldn’t dare do something stupid. And if he tries, it just proves corruption. With all the technology and news that is coming out, he does not have the power he used to. It’s time this city comes together to do the right thing for its residents.


I’m horrified by these stories, yet not surprised. The more people who come forward to share their experiences dealing with the mayor and members of this current administration, the better for those who continue to be dealing with wrongdoing, pending lawsuits, and ongoing “selective enforcement”.  

My hope is that we can soon be a city that is without fear of retaliation and will be strong and united.

Thank you for sharing and alerting us with these corrupt individuals!


Wow! I’m pretty much speechless after reading officer Mulcahey’s letter! Who would have thought that there is that much discrimation and corrupt activities going on within the SPD and the Mayor’s office! I am so sorry for what you have been subjected to for so many years! Praying that things turn around in the most positive way for you! God Bless you and Daniel!


I do not live in Sean’s old ward and actually knew nothing about him until the incident that I read about. But strong arm displays what I observed. I have never even met the guy. I have yet to figure out what power these people have to control things. I do know I look forward to the day when our Mayor is handcuffed. The only personal problem I had was back in Lester Ralph’s day but a friend is a big time lawyer and had the power to get pass the handout to the alderman then. But I am one who will cut their nose off in spite of their face if a situation arises. But I am too small of a fish for them to have any dealing with me. I have nothing.


Well, I completely respect Officer Mulchay’s bravery in coming forward. Most people know however, that Curtatone operates this way and is obviously trying to force him off the job like he has done to so many others. He will not fire him outright because he knows he will face legal action and won’t win in civil service. He just forces people to resign on their “own” so there is no recourse. It is amazing that descent hardworking city employees are harassed and lose their jobs but his corrupt drug addicted cousin Alex, who sold drugs to kids at Somerville High as a resource officer, can get away with anything. I heard that he is still being paid after being out of work for 3 years now. And what happened to his counterfeit money allegation? This whole family is despicable and I will be the first in line to watch them go down one by one. People have to keep on speaking out. Eventually these scum bags will fall!!!

Judy, thank you for the well written and courageous story that you wrote. I too grew up in Somerville and after knowing how Curtatone has screwed so many people that I know, I don’t even want to be associated with the city anymore. That makes me even more upset because my family has roots that date back to my great grandparents who lived in the city and many of my family members worked to make this city what it is today. Because of a punk who abuses the system, our great city is no longer the city I remember and love. He has been a hypocrite since taking office and anyone who knew him growing up knows that. He was not even a Democrat until he ran for Alderman because he knew he would not win in Somerville. He was the biggest racist out there but now acts like he cares about illegal immigrants and black lives. Everything he does is for power and money. You are right when you say that he has hurt many lives and many of those people were his former “friends”. He is like a mafia boss, if you cross him or say anything negative about him he will screw you one way or another. I really hope he will finally go to jail where he belongs. We all know about his dirty past. I hope karma finally kicks in because this sleaze ball always seems to find a way to escape justice.


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