Dark Corruption Allegation Clouds Hovering Over Somerville Elected Curtatone Siblings


By William Tauro 

This past Wednesday, a formal ten page letter notice was delivered to Mayor Joseph Curtatone at Somerville City Hall, the Somerville Chief of Police at the Police Station, Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone in Cambridge at her office at the Middlesex Register of Deeds as well as to twelve other people named recipients regarding allegations of corruption within the Curtatone Administration over the past several years. 

The letters were hand delivered by David Marriott, a spokesperson for Somerville Police Officer Luitenent Michael Mulcahy. 

Marriot also stated in an exclusive interview with The Somerville News Weekly as well as in a letter stating:”Dear Mr Tauro, I am providing you with a small portion of information regarding corruption in Somerville.” “The following addresses are bogus land deals involving corruption in Somerville. Here are just a few of the bogus land deals (listed below)that Alex the Mayor and his sister are involved in regarding corruption.” “In my opinion the Mayor and his sister should spend the rest of there lives in prison for what they have done to good citizens.


David J Marriott”
Addresses in question:

25 Lewis St

22Beacon Pl

10 Beach St.Austin Healy

675 Broadway

I have this information and more

Thank you

David J Marriott”
Marriot told us that the alleged accusations consist of corruption, fraudulent land deals, drug involvement and illegal discrimination complaints.
He also told us that “a timeline exists of fraudulent land deals and transactions, money laundering and fraudulent asset conveyances that were allegedly orchestrated by Mayor Joseph Curtatone, his sister Middlesex County Register of Deeds Maria Curtatone as well as by their cousin Alex the Somerville Police Officer.”

Officer Mulcahy’s statement in his letter also writes about a police coverup and evidence tampering that denounced the prior Somerville News Weekly article and validates the story with credibility that was accurate and on point regarding the allegations revolving around the DPW Overtime Scandal. 
His letter also alleges that the investigation into the allegations were compromised, evidence tampered with and covered up by the investigating officers for the Curtatone Administration to cover up the scandal. 
The letter also alleges that Mayor Curtatone provided favors for many friends and associates via allowing the Somerville DPW to carry out pavement projects and curb-cuts throughout different locations to be done on weekends with no permits and orders slips in all the while the DPW workers were receiving overtime while doing this.  

Marriot told us in an interview that “Mayor Joseph Curtatone ordered Somerville Police officers in cruisers to stop his vehicle as he left city hall after hand delivering the letters to the mayor’s office.”
” He also stated that “The mayor sent so many police cruises there to stop him and that you would have thought someone had shot the president or something while treating him as a criminal!”
Marriot also added that “The Mayor also ordered an unmarked police cruiser with with two officers to follow my vehicle and stake out at a location in Lynn Massachusetts at my home for over two hours and all the the Somerville tax payers expense.” 
These allegations come after other prior allegations of corruption in the Curtatone Administration in Somerville earlier this month. 
Mayor Curtatone is facing two opponents in this coming primary in September and his sister Register of Deeds Maria Curtatone is up for reelection next year.  
In the prior allegations of corruption, The Somerville News Weekly has urged Mayor Curtatone, his DPW Administrator and two ward aldermen to step down amidst these allegations. 
Below is a copy of the letter that was written by Somerville Police Lieutenant Michael Mulcahy that was served. 
This story is still developing…..


18 thoughts on “Dark Corruption Allegation Clouds Hovering Over Somerville Elected Curtatone Siblings”

  1. As a former employee at SPD (who was also run out because of bogus accusations). I fully back up everything being said in Officer Mulcahey’s letter. I never knew how much corruption and cover-ups were going on until witnessing it with my own eyes. And of course NO-ONE will ever stand in to help. Not even the Union… Unfortunately, in the city of Somerville it is all about “who you know”, rather than your ability to perform and commitment to your job. Ahhh The stories I could tell….

  2. I guess your police union is just like the Somerville Firefighters union. They have stood by and let certain members get shafted in the past. Unions these days are merely a club. If you are not a member, you get no representation.

  3. How the mighty fall….

    It’s about time you morons that bought his phony liberalism learned the truth.


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