Emily Ackman For School Committee Ward One

The hardest part of any election campaign is fundraising. I will be involved in two separate votes, the primary on September 19th and if I advance, the general election will be held November 7th. For my School Committee campaign to succeed I will need your help, not just your vote. If you have the means, please help by donating.


While financing this campaign is important, getting the necessary votes is the ultimate goal. If you know anyone who lives in Somerville’s Ward One, please let them know that I am running and encourage them to vote! I would love to meet them and let them know why I am the right choice for students & families in Somerville’s Ward One. In small elections like this one, every vote is crucial. If you are curious as to whether someone lives in Ward One, or is registered to vote, please let me know. I am happy to find out.
My campaign email is


Feel free to contact me there as well.

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