Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Robert GALLAGHER (Shoplifting) Market Basket 

On Friday, June 30, 2017, I, Officer Pavao, was assigned to marked unit East 2. I was dispatched along with East 3 Officer Thermidor to 400 Somerville Avenue (Market Basket) for a report of a male shoplifter who was being combative.


Upon our arrival we were met by the reporting party, XXXXX (Market Basket Manager). XXXXX stated that he observed a male later identified as Mr. Robert Gallagher concealing numerous items into a two reusable grocery bags. Mr. Gallagher then attempted leaving the store passing all point of payment and was stopped prior to leaving the store by YYYYY (Market Basket Manager).


The total amount was $426.66 worth of merchandise, a photo of the receipt will be attached to the report.


I then placed Mr. Gallagher under arrest for Larceny Over $250 (ch266/s30/a) and requested Unit #200 operated by Ofc. Desrochers to transport Mr. Gallagher back to Somerville Police station to be booked in the usually manner by the shift commander Lt. Digregorio.


Respectfully submitted,



Officer Brian Pavao #318

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